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Sep 25

Sukkah Decorations of All Kinds

This week its no surprise our heads and hands were full of Sukkot projects! Each קבוצה (kevutzah- group) did several rounds of yetzirah projects and explorations to create sukkah decorations- and, even, an actual sukkah! Shorashim built a life-sized sukkah last week… and then they “ate sukkah dinner” inside of it, made paper chains, painted/stamped a לולב (lulav) …

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Jun 07

A New Yedidut (Friendship) Game

This week in Nitzanim, we learned a new משחק (mischak – game). Our משחקים (mischakim – games) always have three primary goals: Physical play: we love to run around! Ivrit: it’s so easy to learn Hebrew when we’re having fun. Community building: we practice friendship skills. In this week’s new משחק, children stood in a …

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May 30

A Way Cool Conversation

Way cool because wow, these children are becoming the kind of people who think, and who care. We FINALLY read another part of David’s story, which the children had been begging to hear. We read the story of David and Golyat (maybe you know his name as Goliath, and by the way, the text says he was …

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May 23

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This week all of NItzanim’s hard work came to a head when they were finally ready to film with props, sets and puppets in hand! A quick writing activity helped them sort out which puppets they need for the scene: עצוב (ah-tzuv, sad) David or שמח (sah-may-ach, happy) David; angry or calm Melech Shaul… Here a group …

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May 23


This week, Nitzanim filmed our show about David and Yonatan. (Oh, my!) We assembled the sets, using shrinky-dink props and shoebox sets we’d made in yetzirah. We showed each other our puppet scenes to get feedback from fellow Nitzanimers. We read our scenes out loud again using the storybook we made, to recall details from …

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May 17

Yedidut (Friendship) in Nitzanim

After nearly two years together in Nitzanim, we love being together. We’ve worked things out time after time, learned language that keeps everyone emotionally safe, and we’ve grown in being able to see what’s going on with a friend and respond appropriately. It is such a joy to be a Nitzanimer these days!! We love being together!! …

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May 15


In the right place at the right time. Rabbi Rebecca scored some beautiful branches of a blooming tree near Lab School. The Nitzanimers decorated them with ideas about Shavuot and Shteelim with ideas about the Torah. By the time the community was ready to celebrate, the עץ (ehtz– tree) was coved in insightful facts, Hebrew …

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May 08

Hebrew Creativity

Must’ve been something in the air. During choice time, THREE Nitzanimers chose to do something creative with Hebrew.   One boy decided to write the Shema from memory, sounding out the words.   Another boy decided to play with the vowels he was reviewing. Again and again, he put vowels under every letter and happily …

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May 02

Just Ask

It was hot in Beit Nitzanim. The children were restless. Whatever I had in my mind about what we would do next with the story of David and Yonatan was clearly NOT what the children were interested in doing. So I asked them: what do YOU think we should do? Wham! Total focus. Bouncing up and …

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Apr 25

A New Development in Nitzanim

Last week, I wrote about the new magnet boards in Nitzanim where children choose words that describe how they’re feeling. Our use of the boards has been turning into something quite wonderful.   When they come in, a majority of the children are now choosing TWO words that best describe how they feel. At pegisha (meeting …

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