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May 01

How to Return a Lost Item, According to Nitzanim

Nitzanim were introduced to the biblical verses instructing one to return lost animals, or garments, or anything else that one finds. The children were invited to write stories illustrating scenarios where that might happen. One child, a kindergartener, rather than writing a story wrote an instruction manual. Here is his interpretation of what to do …

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Apr 24

Nitzanim Celebrates Together

To mark the last two days of Pesach as chag (a special holiday day), Nitzanim did a few things differently.  We put away our markers and our normal favorite Yetzirah supplies. Instead, we worked together to mark those days as uniquely special. Since it was chag, we don’t have any pictures of the days themselves, …

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Apr 10

Learning to Disagree

This week, Nitzanim struggled with a big realization: not EVERYONE at the כיבוד שולחן [kidbbud shulchan; snack table] has the same opinion as me! To help respect all our ideas, we practiced saying the phrase, “I disagree with __” during our debates. The phrase came up while we wondered about why Pharoh was afraid of the …

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Apr 10

All Those Projects

Hey parents! Here is a guide to that pile of masterpieces you took home this week from your budding artists. All children brought home a matzah cover dyed and stamped with natural dye. This means food and spices were used to color these beauties! (You might even still smell the tumeric or coffee on them!) …

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Apr 02

Nitzanim is a Team!

These next two weeks in Nitzanim, we’re spending time learning how to sing מה נשתנה‎ (Mah Nishtanah – the Four Questions), but we’re also spending time learning about symbols on the seder plate, since many are mentioned in the questions asked in מה נשתנה‎!  We put a few puzzles with seder plate objects in the room to …

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Mar 20

Nitzanim Considers God

On Wednesday, Nitzanim got philosophical after hearing the story of Pesach [Passover]. They all seemed perplexed by the sea opening up at the end, which  led to some great questions about whether God exists and has the power to do such things. The conversation was moving pretty quick, but we caught the tail end in …

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Mar 19

Nitzanim Adds Color to their Clay Creations

This week Nitzanim finished their final Beit Knesset project. And for those who chose to sculpt an object out of model magic, it was time to add color! It was exciting to see their process! I was expecting realistic depictions of ancient Torahs and silver yads (pointer for reading Torah). Instead, color was splashing everywhere! …

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Mar 13

Pen Pals’ Big Reveal!

It’s been a BIG week in Nitzanim. We haven’t stopped celebrating Purim, we’re working on our big Yetzirah projects and, at last, we’re meeting our Pen Pals! Our יום ראשון [Yom Rishon, Sunday] and יום רביעי [Yom Revi’i, Wednesday] children had special, surprise visitors come. (Each day has their own Pen Pal.) Our first visitor was Rabbi …

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Mar 05

Nitzanim Invents a New עברית (Hebrew) Challenge!

The past few weeks in Beit Nitzanim, the children have been inventing a new עברית  (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenge on their own!  It’s called “א–ב (Aleph-Bet) Battleship!”   The way it works is that you write numbers along the side of your battle ship chart.  Then you select things such as א – 1.  If you “hit” …

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Feb 27

Seeing a Project Through

In yetzirah this week we had several projects going on at once! Everyone was weaving. Shorashim was exploring the sanctuary and sketching what will be the focus of their stained glass project. Nitzanim was doing a “practice stained glass” project with contact paper and little “gems” of colored tissue paper. And Anafim started sketching and …

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