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May 03

Nitzanim Revisits This Year’s Themes


This week in Nitzanim… (click above for a video of our work!) In preparation for our final huge Yetzirah project of the year, Nitzanim spent a few days revisiting this year’s themes – Sukkot, Breishit, and Shema. We revisited through the lens of Tzedakah VaChessed. Nitzanimers received play כסף (kesef-money) to spend on playing and …

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Mar 24

Hanging A מזוזה (Mezuzah)

Writing the Shema onto a parchment.

In the שמע (Shema - Deuteronomy 6:4-9) we read: “And you should inscribe them on the doorposts of your houses and upon your gates.” As part of our שמע (Shema) exploration, Shorashim and Nitzanim children decorated the case of a מזוזה (mezuzah) and wrote the שמע (Shema) on a “parchment” that’s rolled inside. Here are some of the ins and …

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Feb 28

Finishing Our Mezuzot

JEC 2.28.12 015-A

This week, we FINALLY wrote our own שמע to go inside a mezuzah. We’ve worked so hard on recognizing and writing Hebrew letters. We’ve worked so hard on our שמע research (and it remains a favorite activity – one child asked today if we could go into the Chapel and do more research!). Today, we wrote the שמע.   …

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Jan 27

Pictures from Shema Exploration, Week 3

Photo Jan 23, 4 11 15 PM

Jan 24

We are Mezuzot!

Four Shorashim learners make their bodies into mezuzot

Today in Shorashim, we took turns pretending to be a mezuzah by making our bodies long and flat on top of a delet (door) outline taped on the floor of our classroom. We practiced saying, “Shalom, anee mezuzah!” (“Hello, I’m a mezuzah!”), to our classmates and teachers.

Jan 24

More שמע Research (We’re Loving It!)

Comparing the Torah text to our mystery page.

Here we are, looking for clues. Does our mystery page have the same שמע as in the Torah? And here are the results of our research, as recorded by a first grader and a kindergartener. Translation: Our first clue is that BOTH the Torah and our mystery page have a big ע at the end …

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Jan 24

Shema Exploration: Torah vs. Klaf

Comparing the Sh'ma in the Torah with the Sh'ma inside the Mezuzah

Today in Nitzanim we returned to our “Shema Research”. We took with us a piece of paper to write our notes and conclusions on; we also had copies of the Sh’ma as it appears in the klaf in the mezuzah. Each Nitzanimer had a turn to  read along as we sang the Sh’ma, using a yad …

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Jan 17

Getting Ready to Dedicate Our Mezuzot

Photo Jan 17, 3 48 25 PM

Last week, Shorashim began the process of making their own, personalized mezuzot by painting them with watercolors. Today, Shorashim finished decorating their mezuzot with sequins, feathers, leaves, and other adornments. They took great care in using glue to secure the decorations. Then, we filled each mezuzah with the klaf (scroll) featuring the word “Shema,” as …

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Jan 15

Making Mezuzot Using Compromise, Like the Rabbis

A pair of Nitzanimers using pencils to show the angle of their mezuzah on the door.

Today the Nitzanimers made their very own mezuzot. Part of this process meant being introduced to the discussion that Rabbis long ago had about how a mezuzah should look on the door. Should it lie flat, slant towards the left, slant towards the right, or go straight up? The Nitzanimers then, in pairs, discussed what …

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Jan 12

Making Mezuzot: An Entryway to the Shema for Shorashim

After our treasure hunt, two Shorashim learners huddle close to examine a mezuzah.

This week, as a central part of the Shorashim introduction to the Shema, the children have been learning about mezuzot. On Sunday, learners excitedly went on a mezuzah treasure hunt around the Rodfei Tzedek complex. They spotted mezuzot left and right, affixed to the doorpost of nearly every entryway we pass. At the conclusion of …

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