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Nov 15

All Aboard!

This week in Shorashim, we continued our exploration of chayot (animals). The children waited outside the room while chayot were placed throughout the room. Then the chase was on! One at a time they ran to an animal and lifted it up. After practicing saying the name of the chaya (animal) in Hebrew with the …

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Nov 15

Children Work Together to Understand Miracles

We’re learning what the ancient rabbis say about the flood story. One of the rabbis says that there was a miracle to fit all of the animals and food onto the ark.   Rabbi Rebecca: What’s a miracle? Boy 1: Well, I can’t explain that! Rabbi Rebecca: Let’s see if we can find some words… …

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Nov 15

The Rabbis Agree With Me!

This week, Nitzanimers learned what that ancient rabbis wondered about Noach’s Ark. Some of the rabbis’ questions/answers were similar to the Nitzanimers’, and some sparked open dialogue filled with different opinions and even more questions! A girl’s question (What happened to the fish during the flood?) sparked a conversation: Boy 1: “That’s easy, the fish …

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Nov 12

4:10 PM: Quick Scan of Beit Nitzanim

We chose… …to work together on a puzzle.   …to write out the צבעים (tzeva’im – colors) in Hebrew, and to write out the alef-bet with its gematria.   …to work on הסיפור שלי  (lit., “My Story,” our documentation binders). …to prepare an update, mostly in Hebrew, on מזג אויר  (mezeg avir – weather) to …

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Nov 10

From Draft To Finish

Here a Nitzanimer shows her final painting in comparison to her draft done last week. Many challenges were overcome: visualizing text and ideas, progressing from a draft to a final work and switching media from pencil and toosheem (markers) to painting in pointillism. These art works show her thought that Noach’s family helped him build …

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Nov 09

I’m an Achbar (Mouse)!

This week in Shteelim, we read an Ivrit version of the story “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh. (We made the book ourselves.) In Yetzirah, the children painted parts of the scene and made achbar (mouse) ears and tails to act out the story. Girl : I am a keshet! Boy: We are all keshet …

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Nov 06

Getting Ready for a New Play in Nitzanim

Today we started acting out our new play. It’s in Hebrew. We already knew the hardest sentences. Still, there were a lot of words, and unfamiliar characters, and we weren’t sure who was supposed to speak at what time. We acted stiffly. And then, we started to get it. I was amazed at how quickly the …

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Nov 05

Mixing Colors in Hebrew

Ask the Nitzanimers. They’ll tell you: אָדוֹם וְצָהוֹב עוֹשִׂים כָּתוֹם. (Red and yellow make orange.) Or maybe they’ll say: צָהוֹב וְכָּחוֹל עוֹשִׂים יָרוֹק. (Yellow and blue make green.) Or כָּחוֹל וְאָדוֹם עוֹשִׂים סָגוֹל. (Blue and red make purple.) It was easy to learn because we worked together. We played lots of צבע (tzeva – color) games together, worked with friends to …

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Nov 02

Another Awesome Tzeva Hunt

  This week in Shorashim we finished our group keshet (rainbow) and our tzeva (color) hunt! With katom (orange) and kahol (blue) flags, the children searched the room, waving their flags and shouting katom! and kahol! when they found a tzeva.  Part of the joy in our tzeva hunt, was watching the children pay close attention to the world around them and letting colors and language come alive. Morah Miriam: …

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Nov 01

First Grader Perspective: Why We Have Different Religions After the Flood

First Grade Boy: “I think that parts of the story are true and parts are not. Like it’s true that there was a flood but it didn’t destroy everything. Just the bad people. I don’t know if all of them [the people] were bad. I think there was just one other family that was just …

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