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May 13

Diving Deeper into Hefker

This week Shorashimers continued thinking about the idea of הפקר (Hefker- ownerless) together. Before continuing to play in our farming space, children began mapping out what they imagined the field would look like in preparation for and during the שמיטה (Shmitah-release) year. This process led children to think deeper about what their play would look …

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May 07

Tackling Big Questions Through Play

This week in Shteelim we’ve had a chance to continuing exploring in the agricultural play space, where Shteelim have acted out their preparation for the שמיטה (Sh’mitah – Release) year, as well as what they would do during the year itself. One of the big ideas that I can see has defined Shteelim’s understandings of Sh’mitah is …

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May 06

Shorashim Begins to Think About הפקר (Hefker)

As the year starts to wind down, Shorashimers have grown so much throughout each of our themes this year. This week, they have moved into thinking about the idea of הפקר (Hefker-ownerless) in regards to the שמיטה (Shmitah-release) year. We moved into הפקר (Hefker-ownerless) earlier than expected because children really seemed to have grasped the …

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Apr 29

Shorashim Prepares the Land for שמיטה (Sh’mitah)

This week, some Shorashimers got to leave the Jewish Enrichment Center to take a field trip to a real garden in Chicago that is observing שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release). We saw some of the Perennial plants they had in their garden and heard about why they decided to and how they observe שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release). This was such a special time …

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Jan 28

Acting Out Our Ideas and Creating Costumes

This week after hearing the next scene from our story, some of the interest of children began to shift to acting out the story. Throughout this theme, we have had an hour of block time each day where children can choose between building their ideas, acting them out, going into יצירה (Yetzirah-Creativity) to create props …

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Dec 10

Building Our Chanukah Story

This week, Shorashimers continued to read our Chanukah story but this time we started to picture what the different parts of the story look like. We had three different areas in Beit Shorashim where we could build all of the parts of our Chanukah story together. We used blocks, marbles, colored chips, wood sticks, natural materials, …

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Dec 08

Nitzanim Creates for Chanukah

Nitzanimers are learning about three different endings to the Chanukah story (you can find the versions we’re using with children here: Chanukah Story for 1st:2nd). Today we started exploring the ending found in Maccabees II. Children listened to this Chanukah story and wrote what they heard. Children made the following observations about the ending of the …

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Apr 24

Anafim Celebrates Pesach

As we were lucky to have Jewish Enrichment on the end of the holiday of Pesach, Anafim had a chance to celebrate together! Beit Anafim was infused with joy as we took extra time getting to know stories of Elijah the prophet, a character in Jewish Folklore who has a big role in the Seder. …

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Dec 19

Anafim puts on a play

Our Wednesday Anafimers have spent time in an amazing extended yetzirah (art/expression) project. As the project wrapped up it became clear the Anafimers had other talents itching to be unleashed, and a dramatic production was in order! Morah Hinda read the chassidic story “Mendel the Thief” in which the thief sets out to trick the …

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Dec 01

Chanukah is Coming to Shorashim!

Shorashim geared up for the upcoming start of Chanukah this week with many different Chanukah themed activities.   We did some dreidel spin art with Morah Naomi in Yetzirah.   We got a little more creative with our Chanukkah art and used not only dreidels, but נרות (nerot – candles) as well.  You can read more …

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