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Oct 31

Working towards goals in Anafim


We had an exciting week in Anafim cooking lentil soup on Tuesday for the entire Jewish Enrichment Center. We also prepared skits of different versions of our second רבקה story. Even with all of the thematic activity we found time to work towards the hopes and goals we articulated earlier in the year. Many children wanted to …

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Oct 22

A finished project in Beit Anafim


Check out the final project that is on the wall in our pinat ivrit (hebrew corner)!   This project was a long time in the making. We started two weeks ago (!) with our time travel word search. Last week we started creating the characters and we finished them up this week. Check out how …

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Oct 10

What’s New in Shorashim

Photo Oct 07, 5 04 37 PM

There’s a lot of new things going on in Shorashim including materials in the classroom and Hebrew use!   We’ve got a brand new white board on the wall!  Now we can put all of our אותיות (otiyot - letters) magnets in one place! We can create patterns of similar אותיות (otiyot - letters) and stack them up in tall towers …

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Oct 03

Why We Think It’s Important to Learn Hebrew


This week, in preparation for setting a hope and goal for the year (something they’ll work hard to achieve), I asked every Anafimer why s/he thinks it’s important to learn Hebrew. Every one of our second and third graders was so thoughtful. Here are some of their amazing answers (totally unprompted! really!). If I didn’t …

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Oct 03

Settling Into Routine in Anafim


As the holidays wind down, we in Anafim have been settling into our routine. We are reviewing the routines we know from previous years and adding in new responsibilities to our קהילה (kehillah- community) job chart. We began the week with special ivrit challenges and finished up the week identifying goals we want to work towards. …

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Oct 03

Making our Rooms Beautiful

Photo Oct 01, 3 10 38 PM

This week, our kevutzot (groups) created decorations to make our environment at the Jewish Enrichment Center beautiful! Shorashim talked about the story of Avraham, noticing his welcoming nature and beautiful tent. And so, this sparked the idea to make our “tent” (the Jewish Enrichment Center) beautiful, too! The Shorashimers started off by my coloring אותיות (ot-i-ot, hebrew …

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Sep 18

Getting to know סתו (staav, fall)


This week in yetzirah, we focused on the צבעים (tzevahem, colors) of סתו (staav, fall) and the Jewish holidays like סוכות (Sukkot) that happen this time of year. We took nature walks and filled our baskets with twigs and leafy finds. When we brought them inside we explored their changing צבעים (tzevahem, colors). It was …

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Jun 07

Shorashim Reviews the Year with Ivrit in Yetzirah

Photo Jun 02, 10 21 16 AM

Shorashim has had a full year of exploration at the Jewish Enrichment Center- including tons of games and projects about the Hebrew names of body parts. During our last session as Shorashim before the Enrichment Center community exploration and picnic, the Shorashimers practiced saying יד yad (hand) and אצבעות etzbaot (fingers) in addition to drawing …

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May 30

Ivrit Throughout the Year (and On the Wall)

Brainstorming words that start with the letter "Resh".

As we begin to review (and celebrate!) all the children have learned and achieved this year, it’s amazing to see how many words they’ve learned formally and informally, by being in the Jewish Enrichment Center. Shteelim has begun to count all the words we’ve learned together. We placed an אות ot (letter) on the wall and …

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May 17

Yedidut (Friendship) in Nitzanim


After nearly two years together in Nitzanim, we love being together. We’ve worked things out time after time, learned language that keeps everyone emotionally safe, and we’ve grown in being able to see what’s going on with a friend and respond appropriately. It is such a joy to be a Nitzanimer these days!! We love being together!! …

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