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Feb 23

New Game

“Hey, look!” “I didn’t just want to do sight-reading, so I made a game. You put this gem here, in the clip, and then it fires it out onto the words. You read whatever word it lands on, then take it off and put a new word on from the pile.”   “Can we play now? …

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Feb 09

Did you know you know…

“Did you know that you have a whole bunch of תפילות (tefillot; prayers) from the סידור (siddur, prayerbook) already memorized? Word for word?” “What? No I don’t! I’ve never memorized one.” Here, try one and see. Over the past couple of weeks, as our קדושה (kedusha, holiness) theme has been gaining momentum, we’ve taken a step back from …

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Jan 12

But what does it mean?

We looked at a new שורש (shoresh, root) this week, and it happens to also be the foundation of our new theme. The שורש (shoresh, root) is ק.ד.ש (the letters kuf, daled, shin). See how it’s the backbone of the name of our new theme, קדושה (kedusha, holiness; spelled kuf, daled, vav, shin, heh)? So what is ק.ד.ש about? …

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Jan 06

Shoresh detectives

“What pattern of שלוש אותיות (shalosh otiot, three letters) do you see in each of these words? Give a thumbs up when you have an idea.” At first, the fourth graders, who encountered the concept of three-letter שורשים (shorashim, roots) structuring Hebrew words last year, took the lead in identifying and circling the sequence of letters in each word. …

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Nov 16

A Peek at Zeman Ivrit (Hebrew Time)

זמן עברית (Zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time) looks so many different ways in Beit Nitzanim! Sometimes we lie on our בטן (beten–stomach) next to a partner. Other times, we work quietly by ourselves. Sometimes we work on the same challenge for the entire session. Other times we work through all of our choices. [Check out that דף עברית (daf …

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Nov 10

Hebrew Discoveries

  A child was working on learning ברכות השחר (birchot hashachar, “Morning Blessings,” a part of the morning prayer service), when she called me over. “Morah Leah, that word means “night,” right? “Well, the סדור (siddur, prayer book) you’re using includes the translation. What does it say?” “…who allows us to distinguish between day and …

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Nov 04


The new Hebrew month of Cheshvan started on Wednesday! We took an hour to celebrate all of the Hebrew we’ve learned this past month. Children sang through all of the תפילות (tefillot – prayers) they’ve mastered during this past month. We work at our own pace and get to choose which תפילה (tefillah – prayer) we work on next. …

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Sep 22

New routines, new successes

Wait, wait. You’re telling me that in ענפים (Anafim, branches; the 3rd-4th grade group) we all have to read our full set of sounds and words before we get to choose what עברית (ivrit, Hebrew) game to play? And read them perfectly?! Yup! Last year, in Nitzanim, you got to go straight away to choose …

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Jun 03

Now That We Can Read Hebrew…

I asked 3rd – 5th Grade Anafim (“Branches”) what they worked on this year in Hebrew, and they shared this (partial) list: sorting out frequently mixed-up letters, like resh (ר) and dalet (ד) knowing our final letters and vowels super well reading and writing in script conceptual understanding of the root system in Hebrew (lots of verbs are …

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May 25

Hunting for more

This week we have been filling up our Torah wall! We are all the way down to Ba’midbar (Numbers), which means we’ve heard stories from Bereshit, Shmot, Va’yicrá, and Ba’midbar. Some children consider the Yosef story to be the best!, others really like the Pesach story, or the new donkey story. We have been hunting …

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