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Jun 06

Anafim Roundup


There were too many great pictures this past week in Anafim to just choose one theme or narrative! I’ve decided to share snippets of what we are up to. A big part of Anafim has been using the vocabulary we have acquired over the year in full, crazy sentences. We have a whole gallery of …

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May 29

Mischakim After Shirah/Tefillah


The school year is ending, the weather is warmer and the kiddos are getting restless! Out with the Yoga Chayot. In with the Mischak Stations! Morah Esther has created some really fun stations: balance bean bags on your head, jump the creek, hula hoop, hopscotch, and ball balance- all while counting b’ivrit or challenge yourself …

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May 15

A New Job in Nitzanim

Photo May 05, 4 35 51 PM

Even as our year draws to a close, Nitzanim are getting new responsibilities. Our newest one, just added to פגישה [pegisha; meeting] last week involves putting together lots of the Hebrew that we’ve been working on all year. Each day, one child in Nitzanim gets an opportunity to build a sentence out of legos. The sentence …

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May 08

Reinvigorating Ivrit in Anafim


The Anafimers have come such a long way in their study of Ivrit! We have children reading dialogues in Ivrit and even changing up the words in a sentence to make an even sillier sentence that still makes sense grammatically! Another huge milestone in Ivrit is the familiarity children have with the language that they …

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May 07

Nitzanim Shows Their Skills


We are so proud of our Nitzanimers this year who have acomplished so many things in their עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenges.  Everyone’s been working hard to challenge themselves and learn more than they knew at the beginning of the year.  Including the boy in the video before. With very little help from the morah, he sings …

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Feb 27

Ivrit Progress in Anafim

Photo Feb 23, 9 12 56 AM

  Sometimes as we engage in explorations it is hard to see the progress we make. That’s why, when we do make measurable progress, it is that much more exciting! This week, the Anafimers were able to see themselves how much they have accomplished in Ivrit. Let’s see how they got to the point where …

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Feb 13

Anafim full steam ahead!

Photo Feb 09, 9 32 30 AM

  Two weeks ago, Anafim started a new Hebrew book with new vocabulary. In the past two weeks the children have been flying through the books! This week the children began using puppets to read Hebrew with their friends.   There is so Much enthusiasm in the room! The children enter, read a Hebrew message …

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Jan 30

We’re Ready to Read


The Anafim (2nd – 3rd grade) welcome board read, in part: היום מורה הנדה בישראל (Hayom Morah Hinda b’Yisrael.) – Today Morah Hinda is in Israel. And the rest of the board was in Hebrew, and children read it! They were ready. Anafimers know a lot of Hebrew, which they’ve learned simply by being here at the Jewish …

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Jan 23

Anafim begins a new theme

Photo Jan 21, 3 29 32 PM

This week flew by in a whirl of motion. There was so much palpable excitement in the air! Unveiling a beautiful yetzirah project, fantastic Ivrit activities, new mischakim (games), and finally, the start of a really exciting new theme. When Anafim entered on Tuesday they were greeted by a whole range of objects from a בֵּית כְּנֶסֶת …

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Jan 09

Welcome Back, Anafim!

Photo Jan 08, 4 13 02 PM

After a long and snowy break, Anafim is excited to be back at the Jewish Enrichment Center! With Tu B’Shvat just around the corner, Anafim has begun to think carefully about how we celebrate and preserve our natural resources. The Jewish idea of Bal Tashchit, (בל תשחית) the prohibition to waste, has been our focus. We …

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