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May 14

Shteelim Explore the Idea of הפקר (Hefker – Ownerless)

Gathering from the field during Sh'mitah.

This week in Shteelim, we were able to explore two of our areas of focus – the concept of הפקר (hefker – ownerless) and counting בעברית (b’Ivrit – in Hebrew) – at the same time! In our farming play area, we set out with the new challenge of taking only as much as we need from others’ …

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May 13

Diving Deeper into Hefker

Four and five year olds work together to make food to share with poor people during the  שמיטה (Shmitah-release) year.

This week Shorashimers continued thinking about the idea of הפקר (Hefker- ownerless) together. Before continuing to play in our farming space, children began mapping out what they imagined the field would look like in preparation for and during the שמיטה (Shmitah-release) year. This process led children to think deeper about what their play would look …

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May 04

עברית Ivrit Round-Up

Two first graders play a pick-up-sticks game they invented.

Nitzanim has made incredible strides this year during זמן עברית(zeman Ivrit—Hebrew time) both in terms of skill growth and self direction. Over the last few weeks, it has become clear that children are so capable and so familiar with our routine. Today, I looked around the room and every child was engaged with עברית (Ivrit—Hebrew), …

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Apr 22

What does your guf (body) do during the laila (night)?


This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about exploring what we can do with our bodies during the laila (night.) We explored the Shema together through story and song, and even put some babies to sleep with it. We made our own renditions of the laila, using chalk on black paper. Many children chose to …

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Apr 22

Finishing our farming books


In order to gain a further understanding to explore our theme of Sh’mitah, many of our children including Shorashim (nursery), Shteelim (Kindergarten), and Nitzanim (1st and 2nd) started a yetzirah (art-creativity) project last week that has to do with the process of farming.  We used collage to create individual books to show a simple four-step …

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Apr 16

Exploring the Parts of our Guf In Shalom Chaverim


This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about exploring our guf. The children explored their faces and bodies with mirrors, with art, and in stories and songs. Children and parents worked together to trace their bodies–some children were anxious about this at first, and others couldn’t wait to be traced. Then, children were invited to …

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Apr 15

Making farming books for Sh’mitah


It’s the first week of our new theme.  Understanding how farming works is one of the essential steps of learning about and exploring the concept of Sh’mitah.  So, many of our children including all of Shorashim, Shteelim and Nitzanim started a yetzirah project this week that has to do with the farming process.   We broke …

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Feb 02

A New Kind of Ivrit in Nitzanim!

A first grader sorts and matches sight words.

Have you heard? When we came back from winter break, Nitzanimers had a new space AND a new way to do Ivrit. After a month of trying out our new strategy we can say with confidence that our new plan has been a HUGE success for מורות (morot—teachers) and children. Here’s how it works: Each …

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Dec 01

Chanukah is Coming to Beit Nitzanim


We’ve started to talk about Chanukah in Beit Nitzanim. Before we jump into the Chanukah stories, we spent some time today refreshing our Chanukah vocabulary בעברית (b’Ivrit—in Hebrew). We made some common symbols with our גופים (gufim—bodies). A סביבון (sevivon—dreidel): A חנוכייה (chanukiyah—Chanukah menorah): A נר (ner—candle): We also cracked codes and practiced our script …

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Oct 22

Shorashim Begins Discussing Daniel

One Shorashimer draws a picture from the Daniel story

This week in Shorashim we began our new theme of הלל (Hallel)! We started reading a new story about Daniel in the Lion’s Den, which is one of our many examples we will see of a הלל (Hallel) moment. In Shorashim we have begun thinking about what this story is about and how the different characters might feel. …

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