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Feb 02

A New Kind of Ivrit in Nitzanim!

Have you heard? When we came back from winter break, Nitzanimers had a new space AND a new way to do Ivrit. After a month of trying out our new strategy we can say with confidence that our new plan has been a HUGE success for מורות (morot—teachers) and children. Here’s how it works: Each …

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Aug 27

Continuing to Explore our Special Shemot (Names)

Today at camp, we continued the exploration of our שמות (Shemot-names)  and looking closely at the different אותיות (Otiot-letters) in the Aleph Bet. We started our morning putting together Aleph Bet puzzles and Morah Chana lead us in a Yetzirah project where we made the special אותיות (Otiot-letters) in our שמ (Shem-name) out of glue and food coloring. …

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Aug 26

Aleph Bet Adventures

In our first week of camp, we are paying special attention to our Ivrit שמות (shemot — names) and how special they are.   In order to be able to write our שמות (shemot — names), we have to practice writing our otiot (letters). This morning, we played aleph bet matching games with muffin tins …

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Jun 03

Shorashim Takes On Some Challenges

This week Shorashim talked a bit about Shavuot and took on some exciting challenges! We focused our Shavuot explorations about the harvest aspect: we were inspired by pictures we had of various fruit and flowers that grow in spring and drew our own interpretations of them, as well as pictures of some other plants we …

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May 08

Reinvigorating Ivrit in Anafim

The Anafimers have come such a long way in their study of Ivrit! We have children reading dialogues in Ivrit and even changing up the words in a sentence to make an even sillier sentence that still makes sense grammatically! Another huge milestone in Ivrit is the familiarity children have with the language that they …

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Apr 24

Nitzanim Celebrates Together

To mark the last two days of Pesach as chag (a special holiday day), Nitzanim did a few things differently.  We put away our markers and our normal favorite Yetzirah supplies. Instead, we worked together to mark those days as uniquely special. Since it was chag, we don’t have any pictures of the days themselves, …

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Mar 05

Nitzanim Invents a New עברית (Hebrew) Challenge!

The past few weeks in Beit Nitzanim, the children have been inventing a new עברית  (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenge on their own!  It’s called “א–ב (Aleph-Bet) Battleship!”   The way it works is that you write numbers along the side of your battle ship chart.  Then you select things such as א – 1.  If you “hit” …

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Feb 13

Shorashim Makes Our Own Items from the Beit Knesset

Shorashim had a wonderful week creating more items from the Beit Knesset!   We finished our רימונים (rimonim – the decorative coverings on the Torah scroll handles).   We made ידיים (yadayim – hands/pointers to read the Torah).   We found some shiny jewels to add to our כתר (keter – crown).  It had sparkles and “diamonds,” making it look, …

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Feb 13

Alef Bet in Shalom Chaverim

What does it look like for an under three year old to learn about the alef bet? For the past few weeks, the children in Shalom Chaverim have been doing just that– building an understanding of alef bet. Mostly, this looks like playing. As we notice our shemot (Hebrew names), as we notice the letters …

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Jan 29

New Responsibilities in Beit Nitzanim

Nitzanim have grown a lot this year! When they came back from break, they were met with a whole slew of new responsibilities added to their daily jobs, and they’ve totally risen to the occasion! Our most remarkable addition is a brand new job added to פגישה (pegisha; [our daily] meeting): אות יומי (ot yomi) – …

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