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Dec 18

We Celebrated, We Played

We had worked SO hard on our final Berakhah (Blessing) projects!  We celebrated our work by writing comments or questions about each other’s work. How exciting to hear our peers’ thoughts about what we’ve made! And, we played.  We played Cross the River, reading a Hebrew word as we make our way (any way we …

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Jun 11

Shteelim Closes Out Our Year Together

The past two weeks in Shteelim, we have concluded our (Sh’mitah -Release) theme, celebrated with our families at the Exploration and Celebration, packed up our space, had new adventures in our newly empty space, worked hard to finish our memory sefarim (books), revisited some of our favorite explorations from the year and brainstormed advice we would want …

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Jun 08

Nitzanim Year in Review

Today children had the opportunity to work in small groups to make a skit highlighting their year. It seems like some of our special memories include pointing during the yom huledet (happy birthday) song, reading Hebrew together, writing on the aleph bet wall, making our bench, and so much more! Click on the video to hear directly from the …

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Apr 27

Nitzanim Plans Fields for שמיטה (Sh’mitah)

Yesterday and today, Nitzanim participated in an activity to help them understand the science behind שמיטה (sh’mitah—release). In groups of two, children were assigned a crop, either perennial or annual, and told to design their field with blocks. They each had a glass jar of “nutrients.” While they built, we acted out a scenario to …

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Apr 13

First Ideas About שמיטה (Sh’mitah)

Yesterday we started our new theme, שמיטה (sh’mitah—release). We learned two facts at a time about שמיטה (sh’mitah—release), and practiced asking questions and making comments with our partners. Then children shared questions and ideas aloud. Children have LOTS of ideas about what happens if people rest for a whole year, how wild plants grow, and …

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Apr 06

A Read-In with our ידידים (Yedidim—buddies)

חג שמח (Chag Sameach—Happy Holidays!). At the Jewish Enrichment Center we are marking the days of פסח (Pesach—Passover) with a special activity—a Jewish book read-in! Many months ago, our children were introduced to their ידידים (yedidim—buddies) [see these two blog posts about other activities we’ve done with our ידידים(yedidim—buddies)]. ידידים (Yedidim—buddies) are children in other …

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Mar 30

Nitzanim Reflect on Haggadah Theme

This week we are celebrating all of Nitzanim’s accomplishments during our הגדה(Haggadah) theme with a סיום (siyyum—closing ceremony). Our סיום (siyyum–closing ceremony) is modeled after the structure of a Seder. In between opportunities to taste the items on the Seder plate and drink four cups of grape juice, are times to reflect in writing or …

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Mar 09

Nitzanim Celebrates Pesach in India

Nitzanimers are learning a little bit about the way that Jewish people living in Cochin, India celebrate פסח (Pesach—Passover). We are spending the rest of this week creating a בית (bayit—house) in India and filling it with all of the things we might need for a seder so that we can celebrate after spring break. …

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Mar 02

Revisiting Our Work

We’ve officially started פסח (Pesach—Passover) in Beit Nitzanim! With a shift in topic comes a shift in our environment, which was met with mixed feelings by our Nitzanimers. Do you remember our big questions wall? It was the result of weeks of in-depth daily discussion of Exodus chapters 1-15. I added children’s questions (in their …

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Jan 26

How Tall is the Mountain of God?

So many fantastic ideas arise when we talk together while we illustrate our ideas! Last week, a few Nitzanimers wondered, “How tall is the mountain of God?” Here’s what they had to say while they discussed their drawings: Morah: What do you think about the mountain of God? Second Grader 1: I think it just …

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