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Dec 15

The Learning Keeps Going

Just because our installation of children’s ideas about Torah is now affixed to the wall, it doesn’t mean the learning stops! Here are three ways folks continued to learn from our installation this week. We Go Back to Reflect on Our Work We headed downstairs to read and think about each other’s projects. We wrote …

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Dec 07

Abuzz With Purpose

Everywhere we turn, children are fully immersed – in purposeful play, in expressing the big ideas of their project, and in contributing to the community. The result? Pride. It’s palpable in every room. See you on Sunday, December 10 to explore and celebrate children’s insightful ideas! Painting a giant backdrop for our installation Creating a giant …

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Nov 30

I’ll Take the Whole Thing, Please

Something new is happening with our 5th – 7th graders: they want it all. Our theme texts for this age group were Genesis 12 – 25, more text than we’ve ever swallowed in a single theme, and still, these children are reaching out to grab more text: texts we’ve read over the last 7 years and …

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Nov 16

How Our 5th – 7th Graders Make Their Own Projects

Read the text and talk about it. Build, draw, collage, or act out the text. Read more text, argue, read it again, show all the faces that Sarah and Hagar make to each other (what is “contempt,” anyway?), and go back to the text again to make our points. 2. Notice: what’s something about the …

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Dec 16

Reflecting On Our Work

This week in 5th/6th grade Alonim (“Oak Trees”), we took time to appreciate our accomplishments. We shared our projects with each other, noticing details and making connections with our own projects. We took time to read other children’s work. We listened carefully, asked questions, and out things we hadn’t known about each other. Then we took a few …

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Dec 09

What happens in our final project week?

Last week before we close out theme! It’s a whirlwind…(and we love the energy and drive)! We’re finishing projects, laying them out, finalizing artist statements to share what our projects mean, and what we’ve learned from doing them, catching a quick moment with a younger brother to show him the book she made about their …

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Mar 04

Final Project Mode

This week, Anafim (“Branches”) 3rd – 5th grade children were in final project mode. We had focus. We were creative. We challenged ourselves, and through our final projects, came to new understandings about the Torah, ourselves, and each other. It’s what final projects are all about. We also took time to play Hebrew games!

Mar 02

Projects Progress!

Nitzanim and Anafim are making huge steps towards there final projects! We thought hard, discussed, drafted, and redrafted our project ideas. Now, we are finally starting to create our projects! All that prep work has paid off and it is thrilling to see the ideas come to life. The Nitzanimers are primarily focused on using …

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Feb 26

Identifying Our Big Questions and Ideas

This week, Anafim set out to identify our Big Questions and Ideas about the Yosef story. First, we went back through our Questions and Ideas notes from each of the chapters of the text. We pulled out Big Questions and generated new ones. Second, we headed over to our collages. We gave titles to our earlier work, …

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Dec 02

After Four Years, Something New

For four years at the Jewish Enrichment Center, when it came to final projects, children mostly worked in the same modality. Like, everyone did pointillism. Or worked with clay, or balsa wood, or made a video together, complete with costumes, scenery, and props. Sometimes children chose from between two projects: stained glass or Model Magic? costume …

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