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Sep 13

Shteelim Shofar Exploration

Earlier in the week, children spent a lot of time using  שופרות (shofarot)  in their play, they were really focused on sound.   The past two days, I brought a שופר (shofar) in a Mystery box. We sat down together and took turns putting our יד (yad– hand) in the box, just one of many ways we …

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Apr 23

Exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim

We are busy exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim. We are burying and uncovering pictures of the Torah in the sensory table– sharing conversation about the colors and shapes that we see. We are exploring all of the special objects that go along with the Torah– a yad for pointing out letters, a ner amid …

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Apr 07

Anafim taking the wheel

“Ok, we know all the other parts of the סדר (Seder, the ritual Passover meal). But what is נרצה (Nirtzah)? Our chart just has a picture of moon and stars.” “Let’s go downstairs and look at the הגדות (Haggadot, guidebooks for the Seder) set out at the book fair to see what they say.” “Okay, but we …

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Jan 31

Slowing Down to Hear the Text

Our main Kedushah theme text (click here for the text) is packed to the brim with details. There are so many examples of holiness in just one פרק (perek–chapter) of the Torah! It’s hard to really hear such a full text, so we’ve been testing out some strategies to help ourselves slow down and listen closely. We tried …

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Jan 22

Shabbat around the World in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim we used our guf (bodies) to explore the ways Jewish people around the world celebrate Shabbat!   There were ample opportunities to use our af (nose) to smell the spices of Havdalah as we created our own spice paint together– and then we used out etzbaot (fingers) to create colorful and fragrant …

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Jan 15

Saying Shalom to Shabbat!

This week in Shalom Chaverim we found out lots of things our guf( body) may see, hear, smell, and even taste at havdalah, when we say good bye to Shabbat and “shavua tov!”   We are sorting and matching the shapes, in puzzles and along the window.   With our etzbaot (fingers) we are touching …

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Dec 04

Ready for Hanukkah

In Shalom Chaverim this week, we are busy exploring the sights and symbols of Hanukkah. We are counting the candles (in English and Hebrew!) as we fit them into real hanukkiyot, in the kitchen area and inside a sensory table, buried in rice.   We are touching and manipulating (and sometimes even tasting!) the candles …

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Nov 29

Scouting our New home

This week in Beit Shorashim/Shteelim (Nursery and Kindergarten) we introduced our new and final text for this theme. This text talks about how Adonai told Moshe to send out scouts to explore the land. Moshe sent out the scouts, but added some questions for them to think about when scouting the land. To read the …

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Nov 05

Finding Mezuzzot in Shalom Chaverim

Last week in Shalom Chaverim, children explored the question, “What do we find in a Jewish home?”   We explored together, by creating a little Jewish home in the middle of the table. Does it need a table? A chair? Some challah? What about a mezuzah? And where should the mezuzzah go In the block …

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Oct 27

Sukkot is Zeman Simchateinu, the Time of Us Being Happy!

Here in Beit Shorashim v Shteelim (nursery and kindergarten) we are exploring our feelings about סוכות (Sukkot). One way we explored our feelings about סוכות (Sukkot) was by building our own סוכות (sukkot).   We explored our feelings about סוכות (Sukkot) is by shaking the לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog)   We explored our feelings about סוכות (Sukkot) by listening to music …

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