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Aug 20

Intentional Design

  During our second week of staff orientation and preparation, we’ve spent a lot of time intentionally designing our JEC rooms to best facilitate exploration, growth and comfort for our children this year. With the help of parents, we are in the process of completely rearranging the environments. One of our new environments will be …

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May 29

Mischakim After Shirah/Tefillah

The school year is ending, the weather is warmer and the kiddos are getting restless! Out with the Yoga Chayot. In with the Mischak Stations! Morah Esther has created some really fun stations: balance bean bags on your head, jump the creek, hula hoop, hopscotch, and ball balance- all while counting b’ivrit or challenge yourself …

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May 01

Torah Scholars and Interpreters in Anafim

Anafim began the third theme of the year this past week, Hashavat Aveidah (returning lost objects) by examining the biblical verses which command that one not hide from the responsibility of returning objects to the owner. Anafim had quite the task ahead of them as they thought through how the biblical verses could help them …

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Mar 20

Shorashim Celebrates Purim!

This week Shorashim celebrated Purim!  We dressed up in costumes, from policemen…   …to the the wicked Haman, complete with a classroom-made “triangle” shaped hat!   We read the “megillah” with our puppets and groggers, making lots of רעש (ra’ash – noise) each time we heard Haman’s name.   We even baked hamantaschen!  We got to roll …

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Feb 04

Beit Knesset in Shalom Chaverim

The children in Shalom Chaverim had the chance to visit a real Beit Knesset this week! The windows were a favorite for many children, but we also spent time searching for lots of other objects… and just exploring the space. There was a lot of interest in the rimonim in particular. “Bells!” Exclaimed one boy …

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Jan 30

It’s All About the Process

In yetzirah (art/creativity) we do lots of amazing projects! Some take a long time, and several steps that build upon each other towards a big finale. Some are quicker and designed to engage new content. And some are all about the process. “Process pieces” allow the children to explore the materials and determine how they …

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Jan 23

Natural Dyeing & Revealing Our Matzah Covers

As you may have read, last week all of the children began the long-term project of naturally dyeing fabric with fruits, veggies, and spices. It was all very exciting, but the energy didn’t stop there! There was a buzz around yetzirah… “Morah Na’omi, are [the jars] ready yet?!”   “Can I look at my jar?!” …

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Jan 16

Anafim celebrates Tu B’shvat

What a packed week celebrating Tu B’shvat! We spent the beginning of the week making recycling bins for our friends in Nitzanim and Shorashim. We repurposed planters that we had made for Tu B’shvat 5772 and decorated them using recycled materials.   The Anafimers thought of so many ways to live in accordance with the …

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Nov 28

A whirlwind week in Anafim

This week in Anafim we had a million and a half things to work on. In between our regular Ivrit (Hebrew) work and routine activities, we also found ourselves scrambling to finish our special Chanukah project (a light box combining pictures of our families and beautiful Chanukiot we drew). Additionally, this past week we got …

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Nov 28

Yetzirah is for Messy & Creative Children!

Over the last several yetzirah sessions this year I’ve gotten to know the children well. I know some are quick to get their thoughts out onto paper, and I know some prefer a to make a draft sketch before their final production. And I know some live for the moment when they plunge their little …

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