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Apr 10

Shorashim Tells the Story of Pesach

Photo Apr 06, 9 24 15 AM

Shorashim has been thoroughly enjoying acting out the story of Pesach in a variety of ways.  Without further ado, here are some highlights from the story with some artistic embellishments our Shorashim actors included.  (NOTE: The pictures are taken from multiple renditions so the roles are represented by a few different actors.)   Pharoah was …

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Dec 19

Anafim puts on a play


Our Wednesday Anafimers have spent time in an amazing extended yetzirah (art/expression) project. As the project wrapped up it became clear the Anafimers had other talents itching to be unleashed, and a dramatic production was in order! Morah Hinda read the chassidic story “Mendel the Thief” in which the thief sets out to trick the …

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Nov 14

Thought-Provoking Skits in Beit Anafim!


As our Anafimers grow as readers, there are a wealth of exploration opportunities now available. A favorite for getting inside a Torah text and really interpreting what the characters are thinking and feeling in the story is the form of a skit. A couple weeks ago the Anafimers prepared multiple versions of the same scene …

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Nov 07

Rivkah Dramatic Play in Shorashim

Photo Nov 03, 9 54 02 AM

There’s no better way to help you understand and remember a story than to tell it yourself.  We did just that in Shorashim this week by bringing the first story of Rivkah to life through dramatic play!   Instead of one scripted performance, children were given the opportunity to come in and out of the …

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Oct 24

Presenting…Rivkah at the Well!

Photo Oct 21, 5 16 58 PM

This week, Nitzanim set out to perform the first story about Rivkah! After a few days of practicing, here are some clips from their performances:   Some used puppets we made… (Here, the girl on the left is Avraham and the girl on the right is Avraham’s Servant.)   Some used costumes… (The boy in …

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Aug 29

Anafim Acts Out the Yonah (Jonah) Story

Photo Aug 27, 3 14 59 PM

Scene 1: An emphatic Yonah says, No! I won’t go to Nineveh! (Had you ever imagined that Yonah’s refusal before running away was so active? Puts a different spin on Yonah’s character.)   Scene 2: The sailors tell Yonah about the storm, but he seems disinterested. Finally, they throw Yonah overboard.

Aug 27

Jonah and the Big Fish – Day 2!

The sailors are searching for Jonah after they pushed him into the water!

Today in Nitzanim, we continued to explore the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. We started our day by acting out different scenes from the story. While the children were acting out the scene in Nineveh, one of our Nitzanimers told the Morah the story in her own words! “So G-d said to Jonah, …

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Nov 16

Nitzanim and Shteelim Learn Together

Nitzanimers perform for Shteelim a story drama of Achbar Mitzayer (Mouse Paint).

Shteelim and Nitzanim have both been working with the story Achbar Mitzayer (Mouse Paint), and this week Nitzanim came in to perform a story drama for Shteelim. The Shteelimers practiced story drama all together after the performance of the key parts of the story. From this experience, the Shteelimers began their exploration of story drama, …

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Nov 06

Getting Ready for a New Play in Nitzanim


Today we started acting out our new play. It’s in Hebrew. We already knew the hardest sentences. Still, there were a lot of words, and unfamiliar characters, and we weren’t sure who was supposed to speak at what time. We acted stiffly. And then, we started to get it. I was amazed at how quickly the …

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Feb 15

A Bear, A Toothbrush, and a Kiddush Cup Walk into a Forest. . .

The children set the stage for their puppet drama

. . . No that’s not the set-up for a joke! This strange beginning was the inciting incident of an impromptu puppet drama acted out by the Shorashim learners on Tuesday. Using toilet-roll trees we’d made earlier in our Tu b’Shevat mini-theme, and Boker/Leyla (Morning/Evening) puppets from our Shema exploration (the teddy bear and toothbrush …

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