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May 08

Reinvigorating Ivrit in Anafim


The Anafimers have come such a long way in their study of Ivrit! We have children reading dialogues in Ivrit and even changing up the words in a sentence to make an even sillier sentence that still makes sense grammatically! Another huge milestone in Ivrit is the familiarity children have with the language that they …

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May 07

Yoga Chayot, Teva, Pesach and Shavuot!


Every Wednesday after Shirah/Tfillah the children and I do yoga together. It started out as a movement break while only speaking Hebrew. But as time went on, they learned more and more Hebrew and needed more of a challenge. So we did Yoga Teva taking them through the cycle of a grown plant or tree. …

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May 01

Torah Scholars and Interpreters in Anafim


Anafim began the third theme of the year this past week, Hashavat Aveidah (returning lost objects) by examining the biblical verses which command that one not hide from the responsibility of returning objects to the owner. Anafim had quite the task ahead of them as they thought through how the biblical verses could help them …

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Apr 24

Anafim Celebrates Pesach


As we were lucky to have Jewish Enrichment on the end of the holiday of Pesach, Anafim had a chance to celebrate together! Beit Anafim was infused with joy as we took extra time getting to know stories of Elijah the prophet, a character in Jewish Folklore who has a big role in the Seder. …

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Mar 20

Translating Big Ideas

Photo Mar 17, 5 18 34 PM

After the incredible excitement of Purim (our Anafimers who read Megilla did a fabulous job!), Anafim needed to get right back in the game. We had a special celebration on Monday and then, in a mad dash, we finished up our Beit Knesset projects throughout the week. Ill wait to unveil photos and other media …

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Mar 13

Progress on final projects


  Our final project is moving forward. We started by imagining a beit knesset space that reflected the Anafimers’ ideas about how they felt inside a beit knesset. To visually represent those feelings we painted the walls of our beit knesset with colors depicting our feelings, mixing colors and shading to show intensity of emotion, as …

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Feb 13

Anafim full steam ahead!

Photo Feb 09, 9 32 30 AM

  Two weeks ago, Anafim started a new Hebrew book with new vocabulary. In the past two weeks the children have been flying through the books! This week the children began using puppets to read Hebrew with their friends.   There is so Much enthusiasm in the room! The children enter, read a Hebrew message …

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Feb 13

What is in Our Beit Knesset?

Photo Feb 12, 5 52 26 PM

As Nitzanim make our way through the בית כנסת (beit keneset; synagogue) and fill in our research maps, we’re starting to notice the different kinds of objects found in each room. We’ve also been getting to know the objects in the בית תפילה  (beit tefilah; house of prayer, i.e. sactuary and chapel) that make the rooms particularly …

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Feb 06

Anafim delves deeper

Photo Feb 05, 4 00 11 PM

    At the end of the week Anafim shares kibud (snack) with one Nitzanimer. She told us about the work that Nitzanim had been doing, exploring the different areas of the Beit Knesset and recording the uses of each room in an adventure journal. The Anafimers reached for their research journals to see if the …

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Jan 16

Anafim celebrates Tu B’shvat


What a packed week celebrating Tu B’shvat! We spent the beginning of the week making recycling bins for our friends in Nitzanim and Shorashim. We repurposed planters that we had made for Tu B’shvat 5772 and decorated them using recycled materials.   The Anafimers thought of so many ways to live in accordance with the …

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