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Nov 14

Thought-Provoking Skits in Beit Anafim!


As our Anafimers grow as readers, there are a wealth of exploration opportunities now available. A favorite for getting inside a Torah text and really interpreting what the characters are thinking and feeling in the story is the form of a skit. A couple weeks ago the Anafimers prepared multiple versions of the same scene …

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Nov 14

Nitzanim is Kind During Mischakim

A shin!

This week in Nitzanim, in addition to reading the third story in our saga of Rivkah, we have been working how to be kind to one another during Mischakim (games).  We are learning how to listen to the מורות (morot – teachers) when they explain the rules, how to keep our גופים (gufim- bodies) to …

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Nov 07

Nitzanim Teach Each Other

Photo Nov 03, 10 47 53 AM

The stories about Rivkah have brought up a whole bunch of new, complicated, or unfamiliar words and concepts for our Kindergarten and 1st graders in Nitzanim. Fortunately, what may be hard or new for one child, is often clear to another. Our children have gotten very good both at asking when they don’t understand, and …

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Nov 01

Let’s Bottle It Up & Take It With Us


How can we capture a feeling and share it in a blog post? I’d capture cooperation: how children felt as they listened to and incorporated each others’ ideas to create a fire pit out of collected sticks and leaves; how children felt as they cooked lentil soup together; how children felt as they worked together to …

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Oct 30

Working בְּיַחַד (B’Yachad, Together) = So Many Ideas


As we move onto our second story of Rivkah, we need more props. This Tuesday Nitzanim told the Morot they need a “fire pit” / “stove” (“but like one from the olden days”) for the scene where יעקב (Ya’akov) makes stew. We looked at pictures of different camp fires, fire pits and out door ovens …

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Oct 22

A finished project in Beit Anafim


Check out the final project that is on the wall in our pinat ivrit (hebrew corner)!   This project was a long time in the making. We started two weeks ago (!) with our time travel word search. Last week we started creating the characters and we finished them up this week. Check out how …

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Oct 17

Whats New, Team Anafim?


  After spending last week fact-finding and really getting to know the story of Rivkah and the text of the Torah, we continued our journey this week by focusing on the characters of our story. What kind of people are they? What do they wear? How do they behave? Our Tuesday capped off with dramatic …

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Oct 16

Nitzanim Tells Back the Story of Rivkah

We made puppets so we could use them to act out the story!

This week in Nitzanim we’ve been working on getting to know the story of Rivkah in Genesis 24 even better!     As one big group, we took turns telling the story together!  Twelve different Nitzanimers contributed to retelling (each line is a different child speaking). “Sara died, and Avraham mourned her.  Avraham asked his …

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Oct 10

Nitzanim & Their New Story: Rivkah

Photo Oct 08, 2 15 19 PM

This week in Yetzirah, Nitzanim dove right into the story of Rivkah! They showed excitement over the new characters and plot and all the possibilities of projects and plays! But first things first, we want to make sure they know the story like the back of their hand. So the Morot set out to tackle …

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Oct 03

Making our Rooms Beautiful

Photo Oct 01, 3 10 38 PM

This week, our kevutzot (groups) created decorations to make our environment at the Jewish Enrichment Center beautiful! Shorashim talked about the story of Avraham, noticing his welcoming nature and beautiful tent. And so, this sparked the idea to make our “tent” (the Jewish Enrichment Center) beautiful, too! The Shorashimers started off by my coloring אותיות (ot-i-ot, hebrew …

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