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Nov 09

What A Privilege To Study Torah With You

Oh, beautiful middle schoolers! For years, you’ve dedicated yourselves to grappling with Torah text, to listening deeply to yourself and to each other, and now…this week…what a privilege to introduce you to that moment when Abraham takes the fire, and the knife, and walks off with his son. And your reactions! “Maybe the test is that Avraham is supposed to say, …

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May 13

Snack Time Conversations Expand Our Viewpoints

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, children figure out their own thoughts and beliefs about Judaism. Even as we’re exploring specific content, like an early rabbinic text in which Rabban Gamliel talks with Ceasar, we make room for children to wrestle with their underlying assumptions about Torah and about religious life. This week, I captured two …

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Mar 30

Nitzanim Reflect on Haggadah Theme

This week we are celebrating all of Nitzanim’s accomplishments during our הגדה(Haggadah) theme with a סיום (siyyum—closing ceremony). Our סיום (siyyum–closing ceremony) is modeled after the structure of a Seder. In between opportunities to taste the items on the Seder plate and drink four cups of grape juice, are times to reflect in writing or …

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Feb 16

Who Got It Right?

Back at the beginning of this theme, Anafim wondered, “How did anyone know that  משה (Moshe – Moses) had hit the Egyptian?” On Tuesday, they got some ideas from the Early Rabbis about what it means when it says “He looked around and saw that no man was there” (Exodus 2:12): It means, “No one really …

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Jan 14

Sharing our Ideas with Each Other

This week in Shorashim, we continued hearing our story from the book of שמות (Shmot-Exodus) together. Hearing the details again made us think about so many ideas and questions. Below is a conversation three and four year olds had about our story during כיבוד (kibud-snack). Boy 1: I was surprised at the part about how the baby boys …

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Dec 18

So, did the Miracle Happen?

After three weeks getting an in-depth look at Maccabees 1 and Maccabees 2 Anafim had to come to terms with one fact: The famous story of oil lasting 8 days was conspicuously absent. Anafim, at least on יום שני (yom sheni – Monday), were unfazed: Boy 1: I still like the holiday. Girl 1: Its not really possible for …

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Oct 27

Nitzanim’s Feelings About Daniel

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Daniel chapter 6, telling the story in our own words, and asking questions about what we don’t understand. Today we shifted from talking about feelings that characters might have to talking about actions that characters might take. Here are some snippets of our conversation today: מורה (morah—teacher): …

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Oct 20

Nitzanim’s Big Daniel Questions

We’ve started discussing a brand new story this week as part of our הלל (Hallel) theme, a story from the book of Daniel (DanielStoryforK-2). Daniel comes from the כתובים (Ketuvim—Writings) section of the תנ׳׳ך (Tanach—Hebrew Bible). This story is an example of a הלל (Hallel) moment. Before we start learning why it’s a הלל (Hallel) …

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Sep 29

Things We Can Do to Apologize

To cap off our סליחה (slicha-forgiveness) theme Nitzanimers have begun thinking about the strategy of “Apology of Action”. Apology of Action is a practice of doing something as a way to apologize. When a child knocks over another child’s blocks, instead of simply saying, “I’m sorry,” the child can offer to help rebuild, make an …

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Sep 17

Sharing Our Work in Beit Nitzanim

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, we spend time in זמן חקירה (zeman hakirah—exploration time) during which children can explore materials and ideas independently, in small groups, or with a מורה (morah—teacher). We hope that זמן חקירה (zeman hakirah—exploration time) allows children to explore theme work and עברית (ivrit—Hebrew) at their own comfortable pace and in …

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