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Dec 16

Reflecting On Our Work

This week in 5th/6th grade Alonim (“Oak Trees”), we took time to appreciate our accomplishments. We shared our projects with each other, noticing details and making connections with our own projects. We took time to read other children’s work. We listened carefully, asked questions, and out things we hadn’t known about each other. Then we took a few …

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Nov 04


The new Hebrew month of Cheshvan started on Wednesday! We took an hour to celebrate all of the Hebrew we’ve learned this past month. Children sang through all of the תפילות (tefillot – prayers) they’ve mastered during this past month. We work at our own pace and get to choose which תפילה (tefillah – prayer) we work on next. …

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Oct 13

Sukkot is Coming

In Beit Shorashim v Shteelim (nursery and kindergarten) we are shifting our minds, bodies, and space towards the חַג סוכות (Holiday of Sukkot). We are excited to be fully immersed in סוכות (Sukkot). Exciting times working together to build our very own סוכה (Sukkah) in Beit Shorashim v Shteelim. We did it ourselves! Then we set to work decorating it.

Sep 09

Starting the Year by Examining Assumptions

We’re back! Our fifth and sixth grade children have been to the Jewish Enrichment Center, so we gave them a group challenge right away. I pulled out a long, long jump rope, and said, “Our challenge is to get everyone through to the other side, counting eser ad me’ah (10 – 100).”  The fifth and sixth grade children …

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May 05

Collaboration Shows Off Our End-of-Year Skills

When I reflected on our week in 3rd – 5th grade Anafim (“Branches”), I noticed that children collaborated so easily throughout the week. What a wonderful demonstration of the skills we now have for working in different ways with different people! Building Puzzles: figuring out the structure of Hebrew words by finding patterns and explaining our ideas …

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Mar 10

What We Do To Unwind

Wow! We have worked hard for seven weeks to explore יוסף (Yosef – Joseph) in the Torah. From wrestling with how brothers could sell another brother into slavery, to feeling renewed determination to stand up for others in tough situations (born out of a heated classroom conversation about whether or not the character of Reuven was brave), we are closing this …

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Jan 06

So Simple, So Fun

We play a short Hebrew game at every group meeting in Anafim. Our newest game is so simple, and so fun. We simply count by tens in Hebrew up to 100, then the next person says, “Pop!” and sits down. Then we begin counting again, reach 100, and “Pop!” until only one person is left. (The game is so …

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Jun 10

Finishing our Year Together in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim, we ended our year by reflecting on all of our hard work through revisiting hebrew challenges, getting to play silly משחקים (Mischakim-games) outside, and doing one final baking project. We also got to look through our end of the year book together now that it is complete and share with our friends …

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May 31

Quick Community Challenge

Anafim was waiting for a few members to arrive at כיבוד (kibbud – snack) and needed something to do. I asked whether they’d ever done the counting challenge. The goal: as a group, count, in order, without having two people go at once. Some of them had, and were excited to see how we did. There …

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Feb 22

New Faces in Beit Anafim

Anafim has had a flurry of new people to hear from and interact with in Beit Anafrim (3rd and 4th grade). In the past two weeks, we’ve had a guest Chevruta (study partner), a visitor sharing about her Passover Seders, and we’ve finally met our pen pals in Charlottesville, VA.    This week, our guest …

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