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Dec 14

Three Possible Conclusions

Did you know that there are three different sources that explain what happened after the Temple was recaptured and rededicated (made clean again)? Children had a chance to become experts on one ending and then explain their ending to their peers. Here’s what they had to say: Book of Maccabees I: Chapter 4 Child 1 …

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Dec 07

A Way to Revisit

We divided into four groups and read our texts out loud to each other. Then we got to work building scenes from three of the texts we’ve explored during our Bamidbar theme. Each group built a different scene. These children are scattering quails around the Israelite camp. The “flaky stuff” is in the middle of …

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Nov 17

Three Groups, Three Questions About the Text

This week, fifth and sixth graders wrestled with a text about the Israelites bringing materials to make a מִשְׁכָּן (mishkan). What’s a מִשְׁכָּן (mishkan)? According to the children, it’s “a fancy portable temple on poles,” or “God’s home, …so they could carry Adonai with them.” It’s astounding to watch these children wrestle with Torah text like …

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Nov 17

Israelite Experience Bamidbar

This week in Beit Shorashim/Shteelim (Nursery and Kindergarten) we focused our play on one piece of text about an experience that the Israelites had בַּמִּדְבָּר (Bamidbar), between their old home and their new home. The text comes from שמות (Shemot- Exodus) 16 in the תורה (Torah).   In these dramatic play photos, the children imagined …

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Nov 17

Our own way

Look carefully. Do you see the cool thing about this picture? What are the children doing? Each time we in ענפים (Anafim, branches, our 3rd-4th grade group) discover a new text as part of our במדבר (Bamidbar, In the Wilderness) theme, we start off doing pretty much the same things all together. We read the text together. Then we …

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Nov 03

Not just a gem

Building is a favorite modality for many children in ענפים (Anafim, “branches,“ our 3rd-4th grade group). The children have used assortments of small materials to show their ideas about texts for years, and are adept at taking many different kinds of texts and making them visible through the symbolic use of pretty much any set of materials. …

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Oct 27

Sukkah City

We did it! After planning… Building… Gathering natural materials for building and decorations (and enjoying a beautiful fall morning during Sukkot)… More building… Poster-making… And setting up the space, The יום רביעי (yom revi’i, Wednesday) group got to show our younger friends our three-part סוכה (sukkah) city exhibit!   We have the “wilderness” exhibit, inspired …

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Oct 20

Many minds, helping hands

During the first few days of סוכות (the festival of Sukkot), we in ענפים (Anafim, “Branches” for 3rd-4th grade) began our Sukkah City project by figuring out the Early Rabbis’ rules of what a סוכה (sukkah) needs in order to count as a סוכה (sukkah). We looked at pictures of סוכות (sukkot) and discussed what …

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Oct 16

Sukkot Bamidbar

Today, in Beit Nitzanim, I asked children to journey into imagination with me. We imagined that we were slaves to Par’oh in מצרים (Mitzrayim—Egypt). After a series of plagues and the hardening of Par’oh’s heart, we were finally free! We had to hurry to get out of Egypt before Par’oh changed his mind. But what …

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May 18

And the story goes…

This week we have been reviewing stories from the Torah that we have heard before… months ago! But our nursery and kindergarten children seem to remember like it was yesterday. We started with Bereshit (the beginning), floated with Noah, remembered Yosef (Joseph), and parted the sea with Moshe (Moses). There are so many stories and so …

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