Hull House Field Trip

We’re going to the Hull House!

For first through seventh graders on February 8, 2018

9:00AM. We are leaving at 9:15AM sharp, please do not be late!


Here’s a paragraph to introduce the field trip to your children:


In the late 1800s, immigrants poured into the U.S. from Eastern and Central Europe, including over two million Jewish immigrants. The new immigrants were often very poor, so settlement houses, like Hull House in Chicago, helped new immigrants while they transitioned into American life. Some immigrants lived at Hull House, yet many more immigrants were helped by Hull House’s classes, social services, and political activism. Hull House taught classes in history, art, and literature. New immigrants could use Hull House’s public social services, like a public kitchen, health care, public baths, and a daycare center. Hull House also became the center of a lot of political activity, with leaders fighting to make immigrants’ lives better.


Jane Addams co-founded the Hull House in 1889 with another woman, Ellen Gates Starr. Jane Addams fought for the rights of immigrants, poor people, women, and children. Addams and the residents of Hull House helped pass important laws to protect immigrants, and they also conducted research in their local neighborhood to influence laws about health, education, free speech, fair labor practices, playgrounds, arts, and philanthropy. While many places focused on teaching immigrants how to do specific jobs, Addams thought it was important that immigrants learn art. Addams believed that art encourages people to think independently, so Hull House made sure that immigrants had space and tools for art. Later, after immigration to the U.S. slowed, Hull House became an important cultural and art center in the neighborhood. Jane Addams was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


The cost for this Special field trip is the same as a regular Special Day:

Special Day Regular Tuition (registered more than 48 hours before a Special Day):

  • $65/day first child (pickup is at 3:30pm)
  • $55/day second or third child
  • Early Arrival and Late Afternoon (8:00am arrival and 5:45pm pickup): $30/day per child
  • Early Arrival only (8:00am): $10/day per child, with cap of $20 per family
  • Late Afternoon only (until 5:45pm): $25/day per child

Special Day Last-Minute Tuition (registered within 48 hours of a Special Day):

  • $75/day first child
  • $65/day second or third child
  • Early Arrival and Late Afternoon (8:00am arrival and 5:45pm pickup): $30/day per child
  • Early Arrival only (8:00am): $10/day per child, with cap of $20 per family
  • Late Afternoon only (until 5:45pm): $25/day per child

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Hull House Field Trip
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