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Jewish Book Month!

It’s Jewish Book Month! And to celebrate, Enrichment Center children are recommending their favorite Jewish books to add to your family’s library.

Check out our Facebook page to hear and see (we have video!) the children make recommendations.

Day 13unknown

The Adventures of Herschel of Ostropol

Retold by Eric A. Kimmel and Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman

Recommended ages: 7-12

“I read the potato chapter. The rabbi gives them ancient ancient fish to eat and then Herschel heard the fish talking, and he was talking to it and a rabbi at the end of the table asked questions about it.” -Age 7

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Day 12unknown

All of a Kind of Family

Written by Sydney Taylor

Recommended ages: 7-12

“It’s a good story about Jews learning different aspects of each other. Also, they are all different ages, so you can think about each age.” -Age 12

“I like these books because it’s about a family and what happens to a family.” -Age 7

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Day 11unknown

Rebecca’s Journey Home

Written by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman and Illustrated by Michelle Shapiro

Recommended ages: 4-8

It’s a good story and it’s about going on an adventure like bamidbar and first the mom is at their house and then she goes and then she comes back to the house.” -Age 5

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Day 10unknown

The Rabbi and the Twenty-Nine Witches

Written by Marilyn Hirsh

Recommended ages: 6-9

“”I like it because they play a few tricks on the witches, and it’s a long and good story.” -Age 8

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Day 9unknown

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

Written by Julie Sternberg and Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Recommended ages: 6-11

“The drawings. It’s only made out of pen!” -Age 6.5

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Day 851onv891e1l-_sx336_bo1204203200_


Written by Pam Munzo Ryan

Recommended ages: 10-13

“It hooks you in. It kept me on the edge of my seat.” – Age 12

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Day 7unknown

The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Wisdom and Wit in the Wild West

Written and illustrated by Steve Sheinkin

Recommended Ages: 8-14

“I think other kids should read this if they like sayings and jokes ‘cause there are a lot of different jokes in this book.” – Age 9

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Day 6unknown

The Littlest Pair

By Sylvia Rouss Illustrated by Holly Hannon

Recommended Ages: 3-6

The Littlest Pair is my favorite book because it’s a Noah’s ark book.” – Age 5

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Day 5

Under the Egg

By Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Recommended Ages: 8-12

“At the end, it was interesting…all the mysteries. Some person who you think is just a normal person might be the answer to a mystery.” – Age 11

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Day 451pvjbklo1l-_sy390_bo1204203200_

The Golem’s Latkes

By Eric A. Kimmel Illustrated by Aaron Jasinski

Recommended Ages: 6-8

“The Golem makes too many latkes and they start overflowing the city and then all the people have a big feast out of them!” – Age 7

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Day 361cmqvqsqfl-_sx385_bo1204203200_

The Kids’ Cartoon Bible

By Chaya M. Burstein

Recommended Ages: 6-10

“It’s comic!” – Age 9

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Day 2unknown

Zigazak! A Magical Hannukah Night

By Eric Kimmel Illustrated by Job Goodell

Recommended Ages: 3-7

“There’s dancing dreidels.” – Age 6

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Day 1

61kxx9l-crl-_sy409_bo1204203200_Picnic at Camp Shalom

By Jacqueline Jules Illustrated by Deborah Melmon

Recommended Ages: 4-8

“It’s a cool book, and it kind of does friendship in there so I like it.” – Age 6

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