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  3. Nitzanim Thinks Like the Rabbis — June 3, 2014
  4. Nitzanim Writes a Play! — May 22, 2014
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  2. Nitzanim Thinks Like the Rabbis — 1 comment
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Aug 15

Megillah Reading 5774!

This Spring many families in the Jewish Enrichment Center participated in a community-wide Megillah reading.  Below are videos of some parshot of the book of Esther, the megillah, read by the members in our community ranging in age from 4 to 9: wow!  Some videos are simply audio recordings, some are home videos with a …

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Jun 12

Nitzanim Says להתראות (L’Hitraot – See You Soon!)

This week Nitzanim said להתראות (L’Hitraot – See you soon!).   We had an amazing year, and we were so glad to end it by celebrating our time in Nitzanim in such a special way.

Jun 03

Nitzanim Thinks Like the Rabbis

This week, over kibud, we read the Mishna from Bava Metzia 2:2, which talks about what kinds of things you must “proclaim” if you find them.   This is what our children had to say on what you’d need to return:   Girl 1:  It depends on what it is.  If it’s a penny, that’s …

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May 22

Nitzanim Writes a Play!

This week in Nitzanim, we’ve been working on writing stories or plays on the theme of Hashavat Avedah.  In any of these stories or plays, someone looses an object and someone else finds it and returns it.  The stories are all different, some are about real events, and some come from the children’s imaginations.   …

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May 07

Nitzanim Shows Their Skills

We are so proud of our Nitzanimers this year who have acomplished so many things in their עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenges.  Everyone’s been working hard to challenge themselves and learn more than they knew at the beginning of the year.  Including the boy in the video before. With very little help from the morah, he sings …

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Apr 24

Nitzanim Celebrates Together

To mark the last two days of Pesach as chag (a special holiday day), Nitzanim did a few things differently.  We put away our markers and our normal favorite Yetzirah supplies. Instead, we worked together to mark those days as uniquely special. Since it was chag, we don’t have any pictures of the days themselves, …

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Apr 02

Nitzanim is a Team!

These next two weeks in Nitzanim, we’re spending time learning how to sing מה נשתנה‎ (Mah Nishtanah – the Four Questions), but we’re also spending time learning about symbols on the seder plate, since many are mentioned in the questions asked in מה נשתנה‎!  We put a few puzzles with seder plate objects in the room to …

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Mar 05

Nitzanim Invents a New עברית (Hebrew) Challenge!

The past few weeks in Beit Nitzanim, the children have been inventing a new עברית  (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenge on their own!  It’s called “א–ב (Aleph-Bet) Battleship!”   The way it works is that you write numbers along the side of your battle ship chart.  Then you select things such as א – 1.  If you “hit” …

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Feb 19

Nitzanim Has Pen Pals!

Over the past two weeks in Nitzanim, we’ve been getting to know our community better by writing pen pals! Here’s one of the letters our יום שלישי (Yom Shlishi – Tuesday) children got:   Shalom Beit Nitzanim!!! Todah rabbah for your letter! I liked it very much and I it made me realize that we have …

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Feb 05

Nitzanim Explores the Beit Knesset!

This week in Beit Nitzanim, we’ve been exploring the בית הכנסת (Beit Keneset).  We have a map of the building we’ve been using to color-code our maps to help us decide which rooms are  בית מדרש (Beit Midrash, for study), or green; בית כנסת (Beit Kenesset, for gathering) or blue; or  בית תפילה (Beit Tefilah, for prayer), or …

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