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Apr 12

Aviv Cards and Some Frogs

We’re making cards for our grandparent(s). I’m making splatters! The splatters are flowers and this is a big old tree. My card is about אביב (aviv, or Spring). I’m making lots of trees. In Shorashim we used our “Pharoah’s Chair” that we made to play a singing game. By using the frogs we made as …

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Apr 03

How does Chametz feel?

Pesach is coming! What’s going to be on your seder plate? We play jumping games to learn about the seder plate. First we spin the small seder plate, and then hop to the item we land on. We can play it together, too! Do you feel the difference between matzah and chametz (leavened bread)? “This one’s …

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Mar 26

Pesach Play: Student-Led Storytelling in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim we engaged with the images and objects of Passover. We learned about the seder plate and played with seder plate puzzles: We’re learning about the shapes of the seder plate. We ate and played with karpas (parsley): I made a parsley mustache! We played a matching game with objects from the …

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Mar 06

Torah: Real, or like fairy tales?

Today in Nitzanim our friends shared that they are now in their “fairy tale unit” at school. They are learning about things that fairy tales have in common (e.g. they all use the number three: the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears). A moreh mentioned that the number 40 appears several times in …

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Feb 26

Otiyot Chayot: Making Hebrew Letters with our Body

Otiyot “Chayot “* אותיות חיות “Living”   Letters In Nitzanim we have been making an Alef Bet out of our bodies. We are putting this Alef Bet up above the Hebrew luach (board) right next to the door in Beit Nitzanim. The children learn the letters through moving their bodies. Physical activity is an effective and …

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Feb 14

Gematria Comes to Beit Nitzanim!

The other day in Beit Nitzanim, we introduced one of our boys who enjoys working with numbers to the Jewish concept of gematria. Gematria is the study of the mathematical value of Hebrew words. Each Hebrew letter corresponds to a different number, such that every Hebrew word has a different mathematical “value”. Rabbis long ago …

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Feb 06

Fruit for Tu B’Shvat

Today for kibud (snack) we ate dried fruits. On Tu B’Shvat, 15th of שבט (Shvat), we eat the stuff that trees make because it is their birthday.  By eating the stuff that trees make, we remember that trees are important because they provide us with stuff we need, and like. Today one girl said trees provide …

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Feb 01

Pinat Ivrit: Hebrew Challenges

In the process of reorganizing our home in Nitzanim, we have added a Pinat Ivrit, a Hebrew corner. This space is furnished with games and activities that help the children engage with Hebrew letters. The children are free to initiate activities at their own leisure. Through this process of child-initiated learning, the Nitzanimers gain ownership …

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Jan 24

Shema Exploration: Torah vs. Klaf

Today in Nitzanim we returned to our “Shema Research”. We took with us a piece of paper to write our notes and conclusions on; we also had copies of the Sh’ma as it appears in the klaf in the mezuzah. Each Nitzanimer had a turn to  read along as we sang the Sh’ma, using a yad …

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Jan 15

Making Mezuzot Using Compromise, Like the Rabbis

Today the Nitzanimers made their very own mezuzot. Part of this process meant being introduced to the discussion that Rabbis long ago had about how a mezuzah should look on the door. Should it lie flat, slant towards the left, slant towards the right, or go straight up? The Nitzanimers then, in pairs, discussed what …

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