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  1. Shorashim Reviews the Year with Ivrit in Yetzirah — June 7, 2013
  2. Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov — June 5, 2013
  3. Ivrit Throughout the Year (and On the Wall) — May 30, 2013
  4. A “Puzzling” Challenge — May 23, 2013
  5. Not Just for Grown Ups! Shteelim at Sinai — May 16, 2013

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Jun 07

Shorashim Reviews the Year with Ivrit in Yetzirah

Shorashim has had a full year of exploration at the Jewish Enrichment Center- including tons of games and projects about the Hebrew names of body parts. During our last session as Shorashim before the Enrichment Center community exploration and picnic, the Shorashimers practiced saying יד yad (hand) and אצבעות etzbaot (fingers) in addition to drawing …

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Jun 05

Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov

This week a Shteelimer lost her tooth in class (the “after photo” is featured above)! Together the whole group celebrated by singing Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov (a song for Jewish celebrations), cheering, and sharing a few stories. Throughout the year, the children at the Jewish Enrichment Center have grown in their Jewish knowledge, hebrew skills, …

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May 30

Ivrit Throughout the Year (and On the Wall)

As we begin to review (and celebrate!) all the children have learned and achieved this year, it’s amazing to see how many words they’ve learned formally and informally, by being in the Jewish Enrichment Center. Shteelim has begun to count all the words we’ve learned together. We placed an אות ot (letter) on the wall and …

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May 23

A “Puzzling” Challenge

This past week, the Shteelimers were given new puzzles to explore Hebrew letters. When the children saw that both puzzles could be figured out by arranging the Aleph Beit in order, they got to work! The strategies they used were all cooperative and mostly carried out without any guiding hints from the morot (educators). This …

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May 16

Not Just for Grown Ups! Shteelim at Sinai

To celebrate Shavuot, Shteelim reenacted the story of Har Sinai (Mt. Sinai). A beautiful midrash (rabbinic tale/ interpretation) about the story of Sinai is that all Jewish people (past and future, young and old, Jew by birth and Jew by choice) were at Sinai together. We used our imaginations to travel out of Egypt, across …

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May 07

The Inside Scoop on David the Harp Player

This week the morot (educators) posed a big question to the Shteelimers in order to further explore the story of David and Shaul. And so we asked, “How do you think David felt becoming the King’s harp player?” The Shteelimers had the following ideas. – Happy because  he wanted to be a harp player/ musician and …

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May 02

Aleph Beit Bonanza

This week Shteelim dug into the Aleph Beit in new ways. When we realized the children were especially excited to play a colorful Aleph-Beit matching game we kept on adding steps and challenges to deepen their exploration and enliven their learning. Here is how you play! Step one: Line up the Aleph Beit cards face …

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Apr 25

What is a friend??

Shorashim and Shteelim spent another Sunday morning collaborating and learning from one another. Using the story of David and Jonathan, as well as Yeta the Beautiful Hen (a particularly awesome Yiddish/English/Spanish children’s book), both groups have explored questions like, “What is a friend? What do friends do together? How do I know if someone is …

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Apr 18

Shteelim and Shorashim Explore Yedidut (Friendship)

Over the past two weeks Shteelim has been learning about Yedidut (friendship). That’s meant really exploring compromise, communication, and learning new partner games. The Shorashimers have had some new exploration of their own in pretty big ways. Shorashim has also been exploring communication, compromise, and new partner games…. but in a whole new space! These …

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Mar 15

Surprises in Shorashim

Like Shteelim and Netzanim, Shorashim is helping to create our beautiful community Ma Tovu tent! (Check out this post to explore this incredible project). When the Shorashimers approached the white fabric and began to sponge on paint, they were excited to discover Morah Naomi had painted their שמות shemot (names) onto the cloth with a special paint …

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