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Oct 14

Middle Schoolers Lead Our Sukkot Celebration

For the past month, our sixth and seventh graders have been planning a Sukkot celebration for the entire Jewish Enrichment Center. Finally, our big day arrived! What a scramble to get everything ready! After all of our prep work was done, our language for giving instructions to younger children rehearsed, we took some time to …

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Sep 14

How important is it to have a set time of year for forgiveness?

Fifth through seventh graders debated the importance of having a set time of year for giving and receiving forgiveness. “You should have a day where you can confess stuff without getting in trouble.” “Maybe it’s good to have a deadline.” “You don’t need to wait for the new year to say sorry, but you do need …

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Sep 01

I’d Go Anywhere With You

Four full-day field trips, and oh, my! you amaze me. You navigated yourselves through downtown Chicago Organized yourselves to wait patiently Stuck together (and ate) in the rain and wind and wet grass, wherever we were and without complaint And shouted out your joy in being together and everything you’d accomplished. You’re kids who can go wherever your dreams …

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Sep 01

That Moment

You know that moment when the children grow still, and they’re so intensely focused? The Chagall works that we saw this week did that to the children. Every time, after an initial rush to explore and take it all in, they sat transfixed, amazed, quiet. For a half an hour or longer. And I sat, too, …

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Aug 28

Jewish Architecture Week

Jewish Enrichment Camp was a blast! As children shared the projects they’d worked on all week, one child took the iPad and made a video of the projects and the great feeling of accomplishment in the room. So cool! Another child – a third grader! – wrote an introduction for visitors to all of the projects. …

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Jan 27

“Respect Your Mother and Your Father:” Fifth and Sixth Grade Perspectives

“…Be holy, for I, Adonai your God, am holy. Every one of you must respect your mother and your father…(Lev. 19:2-3).” Conversation #1 Sixth Grader 1: “Why does it need to say that? Shouldn’t we respect them anyway? We should respect everyone.” Fifth Grader 1: “Yeah, but God is making sure everyone knows.” Sixth Grader …

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Dec 16

Reflecting On Our Work

This week in 5th/6th grade Alonim (“Oak Trees”), we took time to appreciate our accomplishments. We shared our projects with each other, noticing details and making connections with our own projects. We took time to read other children’s work. We listened carefully, asked questions, and out things we hadn’t known about each other. Then we took a few …

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Dec 09

What happens in our final project week?

Last week before we close out theme! It’s a whirlwind…(and we love the energy and drive)! We’re finishing projects, laying them out, finalizing artist statements to share what our projects mean, and what we’ve learned from doing them, catching a quick moment with a younger brother to show him the book she made about their …

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Nov 17

Three Groups, Three Questions About the Text

This week, fifth and sixth graders wrestled with a text about the Israelites bringing materials to make a מִשְׁכָּן (mishkan). What’s a מִשְׁכָּן (mishkan)? According to the children, it’s “a fancy portable temple on poles,” or “God’s home, …so they could carry Adonai with them.” It’s astounding to watch these children wrestle with Torah text like …

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Nov 11

We Have Only to Ask

What if we asked our children, “What do you want to know more about in Judaism?” and let their questions drive their learning? It was so fast. I asked, children went off to write by themselves, and within a few minutes, every single sixth grader was back by my side, ready to talk through what …

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