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Dec 15

The Learning Keeps Going

Just because our installation of children’s ideas about Torah is now affixed to the wall, it doesn’t mean the learning stops! Here are three ways folks continued to learn from our installation this week. We Go Back to Reflect on Our Work We headed downstairs to read and think about each other’s projects. We wrote …

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Dec 07

Abuzz With Purpose

Everywhere we turn, children are fully immersed – in purposeful play, in expressing the big ideas of their project, and in contributing to the community. The result? Pride. It’s palpable in every room. See you on Sunday, December 10 to explore and celebrate children’s insightful ideas! Painting a giant backdrop for our installation Creating a giant …

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Nov 30

I’ll Take the Whole Thing, Please

Something new is happening with our 5th – 7th graders: they want it all. Our theme texts for this age group were Genesis 12 – 25, more text than we’ve ever swallowed in a single theme, and still, these children are reaching out to grab more text: texts we’ve read over the last 7 years and …

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Nov 16

How Our 5th – 7th Graders Make Their Own Projects

Read the text and talk about it. Build, draw, collage, or act out the text. Read more text, argue, read it again, show all the faces that Sarah and Hagar make to each other (what is “contempt,” anyway?), and go back to the text again to make our points. 2. Notice: what’s something about the …

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Nov 09

What A Privilege To Study Torah With You

Oh, beautiful middle schoolers! For years, you’ve dedicated yourselves to grappling with Torah text, to listening deeply to yourself and to each other, and now…this week…what a privilege to introduce you to that moment when Abraham takes the fire, and the knife, and walks off with his son. And your reactions! “Maybe the test is that Avraham is supposed to say, …

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Nov 02

Fifth Graders’ Joyous Play

Children’s capacity and desire to play – it blew me away this week. We redesigned our room on Monday, and I put a new centerpiece on the table. Immediately children began to stack, rearrange, sort, play. Then children wanted to use these materials to build the Torah text. Such joy! It was like the Torah was …

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Oct 27

Where Are You From?

We all live in Chicago. How did your family end up in Chicago? Tell a story about your great-grandparents. Where does your name come from? What’s a value that has been important to your family for several generations?     This week during Middle School Workshop, we told each other stories of where we’re from. It’s …

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Oct 20

“I wish we could learn like that every day.”

Middle schoolers spent over NINE hours together, and at the end, someone said, “That was better than school. I wish we could learn like that every day.” 8:30 AM: Review background information and write research questions for the Oriental Institute 10:15 AM Some of us want to take the bus, but others want to walk. The kids’ …

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Oct 14

Middle Schoolers Lead Our Sukkot Celebration

For the past month, our sixth and seventh graders have been planning a Sukkot celebration for the entire Jewish Enrichment Center. Finally, our big day arrived! What a scramble to get everything ready! After all of our prep work was done, our language for giving instructions to younger children rehearsed, we took some time to …

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Sep 14

How important is it to have a set time of year for forgiveness?

Fifth through seventh graders debated the importance of having a set time of year for giving and receiving forgiveness. “You should have a day where you can confess stuff without getting in trouble.” “Maybe it’s good to have a deadline.” “You don’t need to wait for the new year to say sorry, but you do need …

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