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Jan 17

A Squid and an Orca Under the Chuppah

A wedding! A wedding! Um, what’s in a Jewish wedding? Middle School has been exploring Jewish weddings. Turns out that there’s A LOT that’s different about a Jewish wedding from a “TV wedding.” First of all, we had a TON of new words and concepts to understand: what’s a ketubah? why are there two ceremonies …

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Jan 10

Launching Our New Exploration

“What do YOU want our next topic to be?” I asked the middle schoolers. “Can we do something with our imaginary characters? Please? Please!!” Absolutely! Do you, dear reader, remember Jackyn, our first-year college student on the cheerleading squad, who Skypes her long-distance boyfriend to light Shabbat candles together, but then turns off her cell …

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Sep 13

Listening for Yom Kippur

Listen: the children are telling us what we need to know. This week at our end-of-session singing time, we asked children to tell their grown-ups what they love to do as a family and want to do more frequently. We asked children to tell their grown-ups what they wish their grown-ups would do less of. We …

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May 23

And Suddenly…

There is quiet focus new understanding of old text synthesis of the main idea naming our learning, and what was really important about our work this year. It’s end of year final project time. We have two days left to finish our project, the project that prompts us to revisit text, sort memories, determine what …

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May 22

Shorashim is Learning to Write Hebrew!

Shorashim (“Roots” for Nursery) has been learning about Hebrew all year, and we are finally starting to get the hang of making the letters ourselves! But just writing the Aleph-bet with a marker is not nearly as exciting as using white-board markers!  With these we can write, wipe it off, then write again!  We got …

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May 17

Project Time is Magic

It’s May! In May, kids are bursting with energy. They start trying things they’d never have done a few months ago, and not the good stuff, either. (I didn’t catch a photo, but yes, those were our mature, responsible fifth and sixth graders playing a “game” of stealing crackers off of each other’s napkins yesterday.) The month of May can challenge …

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May 15

Shorashim Gets Ready for Shavuot

The Jewish holiday of שבועות (Shavuot – weeks) is coming up, and Shorashim is getting ready! We have been searching for as many shins (ש) as we can find, to help us learn how to spell Shavuot. We made some flower art outside, to enjoy the warm spring-time weather!  We’ll be sure to use our art to decorate our …

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May 10

Any Partner is a Good Partner

Social relationships are PRIMARY in middle school. Kids care a lot about who they work with. Yet, this week, when we launched our year-end project, something beautiful happened: middle schoolers paired up based on the content they were excited about, not with their closest friends. Pairs who’ve been working together all year split up, and new pairs formed – without …

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May 08

Shorashim Teaches Us How To Show Chesed

Shorashim has been learning how to show חסד (chesed – kindness) like Ruth in Megillat Rut.  In Megillat Rut, she shows חסד by sharing her barley.  That is certainly one way that we can still show חסד, but there are so many other non-barley related ways!  Throughout our day in Shorashim last week, we noted times …

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May 04

We Love to Learn in So Many Ways

Hey. Just because we can think critically and have long, respectful conversations to hash out our point of view (and absolutely adore doing it), doesn’t mean it’s the only way we like to learn. Please nurture the whole of us. We love to learn in so many, many ways. We like to learn outside. We like to ask our own …

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