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Jun 09

Anafim 5774 Hashavat Aveidah Presentation

  Below are the words of the Anafim children compiled by their Morah (educator).   Girl, age 7: We read the Torah verses that introduce Hashavat Aveidah, returning lost objects. We noticed the last words, “Don’t hide from the responsibility.” We thought that the Torah tells you to do Hashavat Aveidah but it does not tell …

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Jun 06

Anafim Roundup

There were too many great pictures this past week in Anafim to just choose one theme or narrative! I’ve decided to share snippets of what we are up to. A big part of Anafim has been using the vocabulary we have acquired over the year in full, crazy sentences. We have a whole gallery of …

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May 29

Anafim in action!

After our adventures last week, the Anafimers got down to business designing a new system for Hashavat Aveidah (returning lost objects) at 5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd. They decided a bright colored lost and found box was necessary, as well as signs and flyers letting everyone know where the box is located. This was a …

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May 22

Anafim accepts a challenge!

What a busy and productive week in Anafim! Anafim is now facing several real-life challenges and raring to get problem solving! The week began with friends of Anafim alerting us that they had found several objects and needed our help returning the objects to the owner. Even though Anafim had suspicions about whether these objects …

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May 15

Anafim rocks out with the the rabbis

This past week was super exciting in Anafim! Our loyal readers will remember that we left off our study of hashavat aveidah with a sense that the Torah text didn’t really give all the information we needed to return on lost object to its owner. So we turned to the early rabbis for help. We …

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May 08

Reinvigorating Ivrit in Anafim

The Anafimers have come such a long way in their study of Ivrit! We have children reading dialogues in Ivrit and even changing up the words in a sentence to make an even sillier sentence that still makes sense grammatically! Another huge milestone in Ivrit is the familiarity children have with the language that they …

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May 01

Torah Scholars and Interpreters in Anafim

Anafim began the third theme of the year this past week, Hashavat Aveidah (returning lost objects) by examining the biblical verses which command that one not hide from the responsibility of returning objects to the owner. Anafim had quite the task ahead of them as they thought through how the biblical verses could help them …

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Apr 24

Anafim Celebrates Pesach

As we were lucky to have Jewish Enrichment on the end of the holiday of Pesach, Anafim had a chance to celebrate together! Beit Anafim was infused with joy as we took extra time getting to know stories of Elijah the prophet, a character in Jewish Folklore who has a big role in the Seder. …

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Apr 10

Anafim Explores Mishnah*

*The Mishnah is an early rabbinic text, codified about 220 C.E. As mentioned last week, Anafim embarked on a crazy journey, learning what the early rabbis had to say about the ritual of Afikoman and becoming Afikomen experts. To recap: The Anafimers knew that the early rabbis said “don’t have an Afikomen”, meaning the Greek …

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Apr 02

Pesach is in the air in Anafim!

  For this Pesach, Anafim is determined to become Afikomen experts! Some Anafimers carry a family tradition of hiding and searching for the Afikomen (the broken piece of middle matzah) and were thus fascinated to find out that the word Afikomen is actually from a Greek word! Looking at the word epi komion, which denotes …

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