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Oct 10

Shorashim Builds a Sukkah!

Over the past two weeks, Shorashim has been learning about the holiday of Sukkot.  Sukkot is a fall harvest holiday that is traditionally celebrated in a hut outside called a סוכה (sukkah – a hut/tent).  In order to better understand how a sukkah is made (and how much fun it can be inside one), we …

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Sep 26

Shorashim Celebrates Rosh Hashanah!

Rosh Hashanah is when many Jewish people celebrate the new year. There are many traditional symbols associated with the holiday, such as apples and honey (eaten for a sweet new year), round challah (to represent the cyclical nature of time) and shofars (a horn that is blown to signify the coming of the new year). …

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Jun 12

Shorashim Enjoys Their Final Week!

Shorashim had a fantastic final week at the Jewish Enrichment Center! We may have been down to bare walls, and been without our usual space on Sunday, but we didn’t let that get us down! We played some of our favorite games from the year, such as hopscotch! We made meals for our old צבעים …

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Jun 03

Shorashim Takes On Some Challenges

This week Shorashim talked a bit about Shavuot and took on some exciting challenges! We focused our Shavuot explorations about the harvest aspect: we were inspired by pictures we had of various fruit and flowers that grow in spring and drew our own interpretations of them, as well as pictures of some other plants we …

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May 29

Shorashim Decorates the Tzedakah Box

The short week didn’t stop Shorashim from having some thought provoking discussions!  With the paint now dry on our tzedakah box, we had a lot more to discuss. First we had to add other decorations.  In order to get ideas, we went out to take a look at how we decorated the Lost and Found …

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May 22

Shorashim Makes a Tzedakah Box

This week Shorashim explored the question of what to do when one finds lost money.  One Shorashimer found 3 pennies!  She was very concerned as to where they came from, so she decided to go around and ask to see if anyone at the Jewish Enrichment Center lost them.   They didn’t belong to anyone …

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May 15

Shorashim Makes a Lost and Found Box

Continuing with our theme of Hashavat Aveidah (returning lost items), this week Shorashim discussed what to do if they happen to find a lost item.  They quickly responded, “return it to the person who lost it,” but what if the owner is unknown?  Using our knowledge of school environments, it didn’t take long for Shorashimers …

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May 08

Shorashim Showcases Important Items

Shorashim dove further into Hashevat Aveidah this week by making posters for items that are special to them.   At a very young age, it is difficult for children to understand the perspective of others.  Part of Hashevat Aveidah is returning lost items to others.  We wanted to make sure that Shorashimers were able to …

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May 01

Shorashim Begins to Explore Hashavat Aveidah

This week Shorashim began to explore the concept of Hashavat Aveidah: finding/returning lost items.   We told a a story about a girl who lost a favorite toy, and asked Shorashimers how they thought she felt; most said “sad,” some even said, “surprised.”   Some Shorashimers recalled times they’d lost items: here one Shorashimer drew …

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Apr 24

Shorashim Hides and Finds the Afikomen

Shorashim had a fantastic week as we celebrated the end of פסח (Pesach – Passover).  To honor the last two days, we didn’t write or draw or use electronics, leaving us with fewer pictures than usual; but that doesn’t mean we were any less busy or having any less fun! As we’ve mentioned over the …

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