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  1. How does food get to our shulchan (table)? — November 5, 2015
  2. Breaking down Berakhot — October 29, 2015
  3. What makes us go “WOW”? — October 22, 2015
  4. All in a week’s work — October 15, 2015
  5. What do we know about the Torah? — October 8, 2015

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Nov 05

How does food get to our shulchan (table)?

Confession: We’ve been keeping a surprise in Beit Shorashim v’Shteelim. After two weeks of practicing the ברכות (brakhot-blessings) we say when we’re about to eat food and when we see amazing things in nature, we have started learning about and practicing 5 of the main steps it takes for food to get to our שׁוּלְחָן (shulchan-table). And this week, we were able …

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Oct 29

Breaking down Berakhot

There is so much to learn about בְּרָכָה (berakhah-Blessing), our new theme. And this week in Shorashim v’ Shteelim we’ve been breaking our ברכות (brakhot– blessings) down to the essentials: We can figure out how to spell it.   We can pick (and create) our favorite foods that make us feel thankful, and the בְּרָכָה that goes with them.   …

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Oct 22

What makes us go “WOW”?

Hold it right there folks. You are entering Beit Shorashim v’Shteelim and we are learning to sloooooow down and pay attention to all of the amazing things in our world that we can be thankful for in honor of our new theme, בְּרָכָה (berakhah – blessing). This week, we are focusing on ברכות (brachot-blessings) we can say before eating and for natural …

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Oct 15

All in a week’s work

  This week in Shorashim and Shteelim has been all about בְּרֵאשִׁית (Breishit– in the beginning), the name of first פָּרָשָׁה (parashah- portion) in the תורה (Torah) as well as the first ספר (sefer- book). Propelled by our boundless questions and curiosity about תורה from last week, we took on בְּרֵאשִׁית . Keep reading to see the exact story we’ve …

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Oct 08

What do we know about the Torah?

This week Shorashim and Shteelim have been exploring the תורה (Torah) in honor of our חג (chag-holiday), שמחת חורה (Simchat Torah). And boy do we have a lot to share! Before שמחת חורה (Simchat Torah) even began we got to look at and touch and read a real תורה together with Rabbi Rebecca! And since then our ideas …

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Sep 30

Looking for answers, finding new questions

The leaves are turning and Anafim is gearing up! This week, after many partner and group conversations, we were ready to start defining what we think ישר (Yosher)– our elusive theme for the past month- actually means to us. Using our examples of honesty, integrity, and courage, along with our ideas for what it means to act with …

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Sep 25

Questioning bananot and our brachot (blessings)

This week during during Anafim jumped back into their method of leading כיבוד (kibud-snack), in which members of Anafim ask each other to answer a שְׁאֵלָה (sh’eilah-question) about what the food is and what בְּרָכָה (brachah-blessing) we say for it, making sure to call on friends who haven’t had a chance to answer, and then …

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Sep 15

Anafim Tackles Yosher and Ivrit

This week in Anafim, we began the school year (and finished off the Jewish year) by diving into both our theme of ישׁר (Yosher) and our lofty עברית (Ivrit-Hebrew) review goals for the next month. To start off our themework, we explored our own ideas and questions about what it means to be Yosher using examples from our …

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