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Lead Educator – Jewish Innovation in Education

Art Teacher Lead – Jewish Innovation in Education

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, children are co-creators of Judaism: full participants in Judaism’s ongoing development. We’ve designed a groundbreaking approach to Jewish children’s learning on Sundays and afterschool that’s gained national attention. Here, children’s questions drive the learning, through the arts, in dialogue with peers, and as part of our ancient and ongoing Jewish conversation.

Now in our sixth year, we’re putting together the Education Team that will keep our flagship Hyde Park laboratory strong and also take our educational approach nationwide. Enrichment Center educators not only teach – they become flexible practitioners of our first-class educational approach – but they also play a key role in designing and implementing our organizational growth.

We continually iterate to ensure we’re setting forth the best possible learning environment for the children, families, and ourselves. Our dynamic learning is made possible by extraordinary educators who are intellectually curious, compassionate, and perpetually driven to grow their teaching and themselves.

In A Typical Day:

  1. In the morning, full-time educators design and implement special programming for children, families, and community. Some educators contribute to ongoing research and curriculum development. Our art educators are full members of the Education Team.
  2. Midday, we gather as a team for professional development or collaboration. Depending on the day, PD may include Jewish text study; developing language that supports children as capable, curious learners; making materials (we make most of our own materials); designing experiences in order to extend children’s understanding; or setting out a classroom environment that lets children explore Judaism, reflect and deepen ideas, and connect with each other.
  3. In the afternoons, we teach! Apply your energy, insight, intellect, and creativity to partnering with children in Jewish exploration. Here, we don’t tell children what to think or believe; we ask questions, listen, and celebrate our differences. Visual arts are fully integrated in learning.
  4. At the end of a session, we connect with parents and community on behalf of children’s learning.
  5. Finally, we gather as a team again for post-session reflection.
  6. Then we’re off to recharge, reset, appreciate the chance to work with children and challenge societal norms about children, deepen Jewish knowledge, and work tirelessly on our own growth as humans and educators.


Key Skills/Experience

  1. 2+ years as an educator in early childhood, elementary education, or informal education (e.g., camp or religious school teaching). BA or BS required (or equivalent), or BFA for Art Educator. Coursework in Education, Child Development, Jewish Studies, and/or Hebrew Language is highly desirable.
  2. Significant understanding of Jewish cultural and religious practices coupled with an appreciation and respect for diverse approaches to Judaism and Jewish life.
  3. A commitment to lifelong learning, ability to work well on a team, capacity to be a flexible risk‐taker, and innate commitment to high standards.
  4. Beginning ability to read, write, and speak Hebrew. Must be comfortable with the alef-bet and have the capacity to memorize and use new Hebrew phrases in speech.

Educator Logistics:

  1. Our academic program begins in mid-August 2017 and continues through the academic year. Some educators work during summer sessions.
  2. Hours onsite include Sunday mornings, Monday – Thursday afternoons.
  3. Teaching positions available for 2017-2018 in 2nd – 7th grades, in mixed age groups. Two art lead educators needed.
  4. Additional information about the Jewish Enrichment Center may be found at jewishenrichment.org. Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@jewishenrichment.org. Application online at jewishenrichment.org/employmentapplication/.

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