Apr 05

Pesach (Passover) Celebrations!

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover! This week we held a Center-wide Pesach Chol Ha’Moed (חול המועד) celebration at the end of each day. During these days of Chol Ha’Moed – the interim days of Passover – all age children joined together to work on art pieces for our Omer Calendar, improvised and built scenes from Exodus 1-15, read Pesach stories, and, of course, no celebration is complete without food!

We celebrated together by….

working together to build scenes from Exodus

Painting tiles for our Omer Calendar (to count the days between the second day of Passover and the holiday of Shavuot)

Fifth and sixth graders using great improvisational skills to act out Exodus 1-15!!

Enjoying some excellent Pesach stories from our library

AND sharing the delicious Matzah Pizza made by with family and friends to celebrate Pesach!


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