The Jewish Enrichment Center is an innovative Jewish center for afterschool and Sunday enrichment in Hyde Park, Chicago. We partner with children in long-term, project-based Jewish exploration, in a warm, Hebrew- and text-rich environment. All Jewish children are welcome and valued at the Jewish Enrichment Center – unaffiliated, congregational, and day school families alike.

We currently enroll infants through Grade 4, growing one grade each year.


What kind of place is the Jewish Enrichment Center?

קהילה   KEHILLAH {Community} : The Jewish Enrichment Center fosters children’s empathy by teaching skills and language for collaboration and problem-solving.

סקרנות   SAKRANUT {Curiosity} : The Jewish Enrichment Center taps into children’s natural desire to explore. Investigative play teaches children to reinterpret, see alternate perspectives, and think critically.

שותפות   SHUTAFUT {Partnership} : The Jewish Enrichment Center partners with families to create meaningful Jewish experiences, and with local Jewish organizations to strengthen Jewish community.

כבוד   KAVOD {Dignity} : The Jewish Enrichment Center believes children are resourceful, capable, and imaginative. We provide innovative materials related to Jewish living and let children’s interests and questions guide our exploration.


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